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Topic: I want to start a clan in Kid Icarus Uprising. I need 9 more players

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-As the leader of this new clan, "Team Aura Heroes(AH)", I follow the banlist and I am a skilled K.I.U Warrior. I ALWAYS work as a great team member to destroy enemies, support my teammates, and keep my pride. Join my clan and lets conquer the other clans to claim the title as the best K.I.U clan.

1) You will be fighting against me 1vs1 so I can test your skills. You dont have to beat me to join the clan.

2) Copy my FC and message me personally if you'd like to.

3) When the crew is assembled. We shall move to to battle the active clans, then to other sites to conquer.

4) We are going to need players to use these titles (or your own if you'd like) as soon as you are accepted into Team:

1) Leader: Taytrellz (HelloKentrello), The Centurrion Summoner
2) Co-Leader1:
3) Co-Leader2:
4) The Archer from Heaven:
5) The Speed Demon:
6) Aries's Older Brother:
7) Celestrial Hero:
8) The God's Leader:
9) The Sun's Heater:
10) The Planet's Revolver

Join me, and lets win this war.

Nintendo 3DS FC: 0817-5078-1985

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Nintendo 3DS FC 0817 5078 1985

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Haven't you already posted this topic?

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If you have a clan going on, please put it in your signature!

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