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Just making this thread for discussion as well as see who's going to be getting this game so I can add more people to my list :3

Heroes of Ruin is an action RPG that allows up to 4 players to explore dungeons filled with monsters, collect items (over 18,000) and build up your character like any other ARPG. If you like Diablo, Torchlight, dungeon crawlers or ARPGs in general, you should definitely check this game out. Be sure to head over to the official site so catch up on news and exclusive podcasts (where many questions will be answered).




Is anyone interested in this game? Kinda concerns meh D:

C'mon.. There someone else who has to be really excited for this game...



I wanna like this game.

I wanna like N-Space.

But I'm not saying whether I'll get the game or not until I see something close to the final version.

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Hm, fair enough.

To catch up on the game, you should check out if you haven't already.



I'm really excited for this game, the first decent RPG on 3DS, let alone literally the first RPG on the 3DS



There's a 95% chance I'll be buying it. The fact that this is one of the few games that will be taking full advantage of the 3DS' features is what really excites me.



I will absolutely be buying this one.

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I will get this game, looks great so please add me.

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komicturtle92 wrote:

There's a 95% chance I'll be buying it.


Looks pretty sweet imo.



I'll probably pick it up. When is it coming out?


I'll pick this up... but for now... I'm on the fence... it looks pretty good, but trailers can be decieving afterall. But since I am itching for an RPG on my 3DS I will most likely pick this up, but if it comes out near to when MH comes out then I might stick around and get MH instead...

@Kid_Khaozaurus I think it's coming out in the start of 2012 or something.

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Yes, early 2012

I'm not sure if it's 80,000 but I'd like that lol

There's potential for DLC, so more items could be made. Daily quests given through spotpass too.

And this is co-developed by Square Enix Europe (or a sub division of LucasArts), so it isn't just Orlando-based n-Space, who'd I'd love to intern for since I'll be in their area soon!



@Komic If it's anything like Tri with new quests to create new weapons and armors and such then I'd like that. :3 And with new daily quests I'm guessing that's a possibility... as long as they're not the same quest for each day. For example:

Monday - Collect stones
Tuesday - Defeat this boss for extra XP
Wednesday - Special weapon day
Thursday - XP boost day
Friday - Gold boost day
Saturday - Special skills for select armors
Sunday - Weapon slot machine

Monday - Collect stones
Tuesday - Defeat this boss for extra XP
Rinse and repeat.

I'd like some variety with the daily quests. :3 also none of those daily quests are factual, that was my own little ideas, do NOT post them to n-Space.

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I'm getting Heroes of Ruin. Add me on your 3ds friend list:)

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I probably won't be getting it on launch day, but I got the demo, so anyone who wants to add me, go ahead

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I don't know i'll wait for a review. it looks like a poor mans Diablo 3 :I

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I just played the demo (European eShop) and it is pretty good.
It's nothing mind-blowing but I definitely will get the full game, I already pre-ordered it.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


I will most likely pick this up. When I do so is a better question. There are other games I'd prefer to get - so when I can find it for a lower price, possibly second hand.

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