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So since I didn't see any of these threads, I guess I might as well make one.

Does anyone have a 5 star summer flower? I need one for the Summer Crop Festival, I have a lot of 5 star various types of milks to offer. If there's anything else you want let me know.

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Just got this game so I'm excited to get trading!
(Oh and if you want to please add me.)

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Oh god, the highest level item I ever got was 1.5star Milk.
Someone give me tips?

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If you'd like to add me for this game, let me know.

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I've added you all, so please add me

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I added all you guys trying to ind some online play. Add me


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Hi, can anyone tell me please how can i get online training.



@henryleon On the main menu, there should be a multiplayer option. Add some friends who actually have HM:ANB on your 3DS Friend List, and have one of you host a trading room. The other then needs to find said room in the online lobby, and then you two (or more, I think) connect to trade items, animals, etc.

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