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Hi all,
Just wondering, when you add peoples friend code and you go play team conflict, do you get put in the same team with them if they are online?

Also how do I switch user accounts so that a friend at my house can have his own account?

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I don't understand your first question at all... but here goes: If you join their game you might not get to be on their team, the only way to make sure you're on their team is to have a party together, there is, however, one exception to this rule (but only playing with 3-4 party members) the party will be split if there isn't enough people in the room.

For example: 4 party members and 2 random guys, 1 from the party will be put with the other 2 to balance it out.

As for the second: On the main menu you should see "Choose Profile" click that, select an empty slot and enter the desired name for the profile.

Hope that cleared your questions for you.

If you want you should check out the GoldenEye thread to play with other Nintendo Lifers.

And welcome to NL, I'm not sure if you're new or not.

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Ok thanks, yea that answered it all pretty well.

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