Topic: GoldenEye 007 (Wii) Match-ups

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@Urbanhispanic So they are! I've just had a great time playing online because of your tip off, thank you!!!

I'll be playing again tomorrow and the next few days if you wanna play together but I must warn you, I'm rubbish haha!



@Squashy lol its all good....i probably will log on tonight and sometime over the long weekend.....i go by the screen name "Bx Lounger" so be on the lookout.

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@Urbanhispanic Ok I'll watch out for you then. I have the very naff name of 00Joshy (yes my name is as terrible as my skills!), hope to see you in the game!



I'm thinking of purchasing this game to commemorate @WiiAboutU 's love for the game, but I'd like to know if this game's online servers were a part of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service and have been shutdown or are the servers still up and running?

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