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I decided to make a thread about glitches and hacking in general.

I've been playing Kid Icarus Uprising as some may know. Well I've been wondering if there have been Hackers' or more likely Glitchers' in online mode. I've seen people levitating and walking across where they should fall to their death. I can't tell if its a lag or glitch. I hope there are no hackers in the future. XP


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Hackers are pathetic players who can't win normally so they ruin the game for everyone they encounter.

Glitchers can be just as annoying but can always be treated with a helpful patch.

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Don't think so, we're not talking about hacks and there are a lot of glitch threads specifically for one game.


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If you'd like to discuss Kid Icarus glitches and problems with the online play, please feel free to do so in the main discussion thread. As for hacking and cheating in specific, you can discuss that kind of thing elsewhere if you like. Thank you!

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