Topic: EA plans free-to-play versions of ‘every major franchise,’ won’t ship offline games

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Then they'll ditch these free to play online games without a warning, leaving every user confused and angry because they lost the <insert thing here> they spent so much money on.

Already happened.

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Well, when the baseline definition of "Connected" is stats and achievements I don't think many people should worry.

As for that free-to-play thing; I'm cool with the general idea of free-to-play games, but some game series and genres really aren't meant for it. Case in point? Dragon Age and every other RPG ever. So stop that, EA.

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yeah i was kind of losing hope in getting to play the new mirror edge game and battlefront 3 though i know to get most of the use out of that one would need online but thats beside the point



I can't imagine how well this is going to go. I was sort of under the impression that telling consumers what they want hasn't really been working for game companies.

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I thought this was a joke article at first. I hate most free-to-play games, since most of them seem to be pay boatloads of money to experience all there is to offer. I prefer pay-once-and-then-get-a-full-game type games. I'm okay with a couple of them though.

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SimCity was an online failure. Don't see why they think this will be a success...

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The free to play games are mobile spinoffs it looks like, not console releases. They didn't say an Internet connection would be required. They talked about stats and achievements for the connected thing. For Mirrior's Edge that would provably be who has the fasted time on a run. Remember how much EA talked about NFS: Hot Pursuit leaderboards and the competition among friends it would bring, they mean things like that for part of the connected thing. I don't see why anyone is panicking, single player will still be playable alone and offline and the franchise console releases won't be free to play. If actually you look at the situation you don't really need to worry.

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Well this is just the first step and soon u get those really bad and annoying f2p games on console, or lets say kinda like them.

First u buy the game then u can play to some certain point but u cant finish the story because u need some special dlc and i am really fearing that this might happen in the future.
And this announcement seems to be the first step

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Does Battlefield Heroes count as the free-to-play version of Battlefield? If so, I'm all for this

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Cool in my books. I'm an online mostly gamer who's connected alot. I don't have to play the free to play games and alot of those are usually made countries were there are no Console gaming or as a way for franchises to get on tablets like the upcoming dragon age game.


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