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Topic: COD Reflex clans

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hi everyone just new to this site although i use it for news on occasions,im looking or wanting to starting a clan or group to join and play against others.
I am a 20 somthing gamer with games like TvsC,reflex,Brawl,Conduit,Kart.
Getting MH3 april.
If you looking for a member or want to create a nintendo life clan please let me know.

console/wii speak:Cheif 1946-8010-7975-7566 *MarioKart:Cheif 1162-1932-4851
*COD Reflex:NWC-Cheif 2258-6973-0031 *Tatsunoko vs Capcom:CHEIF 1376-9439-0913
*The Conduit:NL]Cheif 0389-1238-5809 *SSBBrawl:CHEIF 4941-7979-0037