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Added @Pandaki and @Cwilkx.

My FC: 2122-5485-5261
Anyone else adds me just let me know. Ill add you back ASAP.


3DS Friend Code: 2122-5485-5261 | Nintendo Network ID: egnaro412


I have added you guys from page 32---->37 so please add me back
My FC 3067-4284-8194

My DS Friend Code 3067-4284-8194


Hey Guys
My FC : 3711 8352 7881

I would like to get new friends I will add everyone who writes back and gives me his FC
see you later ( i hope ^^ )

(I add when i am able too , at the moment i got blocked out of Internet ^^ , My Friend dont want me to go online with my N3ds in his house , "It makes me lagg" he said ^^ )

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I added you @Shiino.

My FC is 2122-5485-5261


3DS Friend Code: 2122-5485-5261 | Nintendo Network ID: egnaro412


also added

Friend Code is in sig and 1907 8053 9654

Saxfactor: 1907 8053 9654


Hello everyone! can someone also add me pls? my fc is 229446554910

FC: 2294 4655 4910
Friend Safari: Fire type = Larvesta Ponyta Braixen

3DS Friend Code: 2294-4655-4910


I added you erickdesu, so add me back


3DS FC: 4382-3311-2263


Hey everyone- need Bravely Default ablink buddies- Living in Ireland and know 2 people w/ 3ds' s and neither have BD, never not once have I met someone with streetpass in the capitol of the country on public transport... have already added the people listed below, if you could please add me in turn- also if you hit me up with a new add I'll get chu back

Cp. Picard 5026-4709-4922

Very Greatful! thankyouveddymuch bowing profusely


Add me on 3DS, no one has one in Ireland. 5026-4709-4922


4441 - 9850 - 0218. Add me and I'll add back

Shlab 4441 - 9850 - 0218


So excited about this game coming out and would love to exchange friend codes with everyone.

Please add me and I'll do the same for everyone else
FC is 3926-6135-8620

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3DS Friend Code: 3926-6135-8620


Added all from page 36 and up

My DS Friend Code 3067-4284-8194

Feel free to add me as well

My DS Friend Code 3067-4284-8194


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