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You get villagers by streetpasses, not by adding friends. However if you go to an andventurer and pick "update data", it will net invite people, witch basically means you get up to 4 random people from around the world to add to your village. You can do that once per day.

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@Hevn I thought that's what was going on. Thanks. BTW, I just received the Belphegor I needed via a Net Invite. If anyone wants it for genome abilities, let me know & I'll send it out. I also have the Japanese Mammon with the special elixirs.

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I'll be adding as many people as I can that have posted their friend codes xD I would appreciate if people added me back as we'll (I think I'll only make it to the second or third page lol)
Anyway my code it 5043-2162-4548



added you impurial my code is 3883-6509-6472



Call me Torn. I'm trying to get as many friend codes that I can, so I have some friends to play with. Everyone please add my 3DS friends code below! let me know if you added me as a friend so I can also add you.
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Tweetiti wrote:

Hi I added @inb4tehlulz @piggie_pie and @kewljose

I added you Tweetiti. Please add me back

HerMajestyLivy wrote:

I added back @Robyn1234 and @inb4tehlulz. Thanks

I added you HerMajesty. Please add me back.

cheungie wrote:

Please continue to add me - 4141-2992-3537

Thanks a million!

Added you Cheun, Please add me back.

locke42 wrote:

My friend code is 3196-5180-8603

Added you Locke, please add me aswell.

Hevn wrote:


Added you Hevn, add me aswell.

FallingSquirrel wrote:


Added you FallingSqurrel, don't forget to add me aswell.

Ailuros wrote:

Hey, @Hevn :
When put in the Friend Code in your signature it said that it wasn't valid. Any idea why? I double-checked it and tried several times.

Added you Ailurios. Add Me

Robyn1234 wrote:

Please add me too 3883-6509-6472

Added you. Please add me as well.

kewljose wrote:

Hi, need some friends to help rebuild Norinde.My friend code is 1203-9398-4438. Anyone's help would be appreciated.

Added you, add me back please

piggie_pie wrote:

please add me 1736-2307-9542

Added you piggie, please add me back.

inb4tehlulz wrote:

My friend code is 1478-5113-6359. I've added the following, and will add anyone that adds me and posts here .. for the foreseeable future.

Added you inb4. Add me back.

Alkerieth99 wrote:

I've registered you @tap, thx for all the friends BTW!!!

Added you Alk, please add me back.

tap wrote:

thanks alkerieth! and I added ya @Tweetiti , thx for adding me

Added you tap. Please add back!

Livorian wrote:

Can someone add me? I need some help
My friend code is 3239-3947-5420

Added you Livorian. Make sure to add my friends code aswell.

ZenM0de wrote:

Please add me back, my friend code is: 4699-6672-4937
Thanks for the help guys!

Plan to add many, many more.

All who're looking for 3ds friends codes, make sure to add mine and let me know so I can add you back

Added you ZenM0de, please add me as-well

Specialj wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Just started playing the game about 2 days ago and looking to add friends. Feel Free to add me as well!

Added you to my friends, add me back.

Vatch wrote:

Dear all,

O.K., I've gotten back into this awesome game and would like add to some friends that are playing now. I'm gonna add all on this page, please add back! A good day to you, Vatch
3738 - 0194 - 7275

Added you Vatch, add back.


All who're looking for 3ds friends codes, make sure to add mine and let me know so I can add you back

I Plan to add many, many more friends, so make sure to invite me to your friends and let me know when your done, so I can add you as-well.

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