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@Encon I just added you, add me back. :3

FC - 0791-1617-9737

And anyone else who needs some more peeps feel free to add me! ;D

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tried to add you, said invalid FC
you have 2 there, 1 in your sig, and posted another

got invalid FC for you too

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my list is full. I can't add anymore people :( sorry


added @geass2012

Friend Code is 5215-0093-9499; Bravely Default, Pokemon Y, Resident Evil: Revelations, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


I added lots of new peeps so I cant fit it here, but if anyone else adds me as well, I will gratefully return the favor!!
Friend Code is 4441-9667-0273

I like pie. Friend Code is 4441-9667-0273


Hi everyone! Make sure you join to get even more FC'S!

My FC :

Pokemon X /// Bravely Default ///


RobPiazzaJr89 wrote:

I've added everyone so far lol my 3DS code is 5300-9683-6810 Lets get some residents in the town


Just added you my FC is 4914-3248-2457 plz add me



[quote=Cyfa]Add me pls 0044-3045-4712
Just added you man plz add me back 4914-3248-2457 thx



Greetings brand new here adding peeps for Bravely Default friend code is 4227 2032 3962



WYLD-WOO wrote:

This forum was created for people that have Bravely Default in order to exchange friend codes ONLY.

Add me at the details below and please confirm back @WYLD-WOO

#TOPIC UPDATE - Details of using on-line friends in Bravely Default:

Using the Nintendo 3DS system’s unique communication features, interact with other Bravely Default players in exciting new ways. Exchanging data allows you to rebuild the ruined village of Norende, borrow abilities from other players, or call on a friend to help you out in battle!

Swapping Profiles
In Bravely Default you can send your own profile and receive the profiles of other players via StreetPass, local wireless communication, and the Internet. Your profile contains a move that your allies can use if they summon you in battle, plus Profile Information that you set. Each profile you receive can be added as a Friend or Guest, which affects how you can make use of them!

Reviving Norende
Connect with other players to help Tiz Arrior rebuild his shattered hometown of Norende. Though the population is small at first, and construction is slow, the number of villagers increases as you encounter others via StreetPass giving you more resources to rebuild with.
Assign villagers to tasks to rebuild Norende in real-time while you continue your adventure, then check back on their progress. Select the building you’d like to construct, assign the desired number of workers to the task, and watch as the village comes back to life. The more labourers you assign to a task, the faster building work will proceed. As the village is rebuilt, you can peruse a wider range of shops to purchase a variety of useful items.
But beware invading nemeses – these powerful enemies pose a threat! Nemeses will automatically transfer into Norende through StreetPass or via the Internet. Defeat them to receive special items to aid in your adventure!

Team up with Friends to let your characters use new tricks! If you’re in need of an extra move but haven’t boosted your own character’s job level sufficiently, activate Abilink to borrow high level job abilities that your Friends have built up with their characters.
Only one character can be connected per Friend, so if you want to spread the benefit of Abilink across your entire team you’ll need to link up with a different Friend for each party member!

Summon Allies
Summon Friends or Guests to help out during tough battles! Whether it’s an extra blade to strike at the heart of an enemy or a health boost at a vital moment, the Summon Friend function could be the difference between victory and defeat.
In your profile you can register a battle command, such as Attack or an Ability, for a character and exchange it with others. Exchange profiles with others and when you’re in a tight spot, call upon the talents of other players’ characters for some extra help! Use the Summon Friend function often to boost its power: the more you come to each other’s aid, the higher the level of affinity that will grow between you, and the stronger your moves will become!

Adding all the front pagers and everyone else i can



Just added you athaume777 plz add me my FC is 4914-3248-2457 an if anyone adds me plz let me know so I can add u back thx



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