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alexw2208 wrote:

Hi I was wondering if you guys could add me too? If it's okay I'll make sure to add back!

Friendcode: 3582-8544-9804

If you could say when you've added me that would be appreciated... Thankyou in advance

Added you back.



I added back:


Can't wait to pick my copy up Friday.


3DS FC: 4382-3311-2263


I'm getting extremely pumped for this game. I downloaded the demo earlier today and I have every class maxed out so far.



Tiggle23 wrote:

Add me, 1719-3291-6487

Added. Add me back. 4656-6511-4773



I am adding everyone on AcornHead's list. Much appreciated for typing it up like AcornHead did. I have not read through my friend's list and this list so I might be adding people that have already added me. Oh well, better double check I guess. The game comes out this Friday in the USA.
@adhrast 2938-6194-1975
@Akayen 1435-5239-2272
@Albarion 4468-1845-6113
@andbap 0903-3188-5341
@ang3lo 4399-0113-0354
@applelapin 0361-6197-9381
@Artixis 0018-0789-8820
@AugenNDL 0791-1967-6654
@Azulupus 1822-0490-1309
@bluzor 1161-0603-6634
@Brinicles 0817-4956-4313
@Broseidon 3454-0922-9073
@Buster 0877-0713-6676
@cfavano 1177-7959-2370
@Charlaina 4725-7932-8708
@clive 2809-8380-1227
@Crescendo 1332-8840-6546
@cykron 5043-2238-6510
@d4g 5214-9742-2153
@Dsentence 1091-8423-9684
@EarlGrey 3737-9647-5559
@FerretPersona 3781-0230-8336
@FibriZZo 2852-8418-5559
@Fyrien 2938-6900-3918
@Grezzer 2380-3084-8935
@icedearth 3480-3204-2482
@Joe007 0705-2875-0007
@Kakifly 2638-0636-9160
@kurosuzeria 2294-3370-3855
@Leracs 1306-5071-8924
@LevelComplete 4742-5648-5526
@Lichbest 2423-2708-9267
@lordzephyr 5214-9937-1041
@lorevi 0447-5082-3821
@Lunar 3024-5268-3604
@Luvi 2938-7417-8604
@marek012 1161-0920-8160
@Maroonathon 3110-5155-5792
@Markus 2251-4517-7273
@MaxSanKoll 2466-2189-1713
@mccabe1990 2079-7485-0747
@Meveriton 2809-8098-9729
@mjp537 3196-3716-6176
@Molag 5386-8467-8548
@noob_woodpecker 1907-8685-8321
@Noots 5343-8495-1755
@Oren 4038-7217-0178
@plankton4 0404-6672-5817
@Player4 4554-1262-6386
@pleonexia 1091-7991-4823
@Plunks 0404-6068-8801
@Ragnus82 0791-2571-4871
@randName 1564-2702-7915
@revisionist 3523-2828-6120
@Rikard555 1332-8840-6546
@Rorschach77 2251-4517-7273
@runehasa 3625-8863-9366
@scar5715 3497-0028-7329
@Shu 1521-2559-6475
@Silver_Scale 1118-0593-8014
@sirachahot 1993-6892-6300
@styxee 4098-3765-2150
@syreal82 3265-5491-7399
@Toomh 1650-2363-1788
@Vardoc88 2165-6454-4419
@Windy 0877-0511-8391
@wolon 0688-5241-3897
@WYLD-WOO 1762-3796-6485
@Yosh91 1032-1354-9932
@ZeColmeia 2895-7580-3846
@Zereile 0430-9628-3977

I am on Playstation and Nintendo 3DS.
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Mightyena, Sandile, ???

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It took a good hour to add everyone on that list, but if your name is there then please add me. I am super excited for bravely default! I also play pokemon, kind of, and call of duty. It is my fall back game. I am still new to nintendo ds so i am still learning.

I am on Playstation and Nintendo 3DS.
Friend Safari: Dark
Mightyena, Sandile, ???

Nintendo Network ID: LearnThis


FC: 2938-7417-8604
Added everyone who mentioned me so far.

3DS Friend Codes
2938-7417-8604 (JP) - Bravely Default
3754-7780-2200 (US) - Pokemon X | Fire Emblem


Cool! I'll add anyone that added/adds me. Thank you guys!

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