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I've just bought myself another Wii after a three year break from it and want to play online.

I'd hate to think that most of Australia's Wii owners are either Tweenies or younger with minigame titles or Mums with Balance Boards and I'm hoping to have all of the Aussie and Kiwi online players swap codes in one thread, since going too far offshore with online gaming generally sees us suffering lag in a big way.

I couldn't find a search function for the forum so apologies up front if this topic has already been raised and appreciation for pointing to the appropriate thread.

Wii (PAL) 5439 1785 7612 3297
Wii (NTSC-U) 7473 1329 4937 8200
3DS (Au) 0130 1852 6021

...and the games, which for the most part I'm back to newb status, not that I'm into pwnage either...

Goldeneye 007 - 2770 0775 0904 (I'm still < level 10)
Mario Kart - 1936 2191 2639 (Not played online)
CoD:MW - 3172 5631 0870 (Have only played PS3 in past. Yet to play this on the Wii let alone online)
SSBB - 2108 0941 4655 (Not played online)
Excitebots:Trick Racing TBA been waiting four weeks now for a game to be airmailed ex-US... it's left the US but must have been by hang-glider...

Apart from completing the 3D Pokedex and playing Pokemon Black, no actual 3DS or DS games of note... yet...

If this turns out to be a topic in it's own right, I'll just update the games as they are aquired

Edit - response to thread locking

Hi blackdragon

Sorry to post in here but there's no way I can see how to PM you and I don't want to be rude and open another topic.

I appreciate your pointing out the other threads and I understand that there's been some issues in the past but I would have appreciated an email first to give me an opportunity to explain why I didn't post in those other threads and possibly prevented what I think is a premature locking of the thread.

Having been a moderator on a couple of gaming sites in the past (Oz Gamer Party, Battlefield Australia) and currently a musicians' site, I am well aware of having to make a call for 'pre-emptive damage control' but unless there's something highly objectionable being posted, then an email to the person in question usually sorts things out in private.

The short version of the aim of this thread was this: if the forum members had flags for their regions under their names and a search function, it'd be a lot simpler than trawling through a long list of names under those respective games and hoping that I'm adding Aussies and Kiwis.

And now for the long version

The Goldeneye thread alone is 433 pages, it's not region separated, and when you're new to a game (particularly FPSs) there's very little opportunity to organise games with someone of a decent level on your team to watch your back whilst you wrestle with unfamiliar controls.
Also, having to manually search those 433 pages (because there is no search function on this forum) means less precious gaming time

"EU" means Europe AND Australia AND New Zealand as well as a few other countries besides, which is not the purpose of this thread, the aim of which was to engage in minimal lag gaming.

I notice that you live in the US and with respect, lag is rarely the issue there that it is over here particularly when you have to set a game to region OFF just to find a game.

The EU Wii Friends' Codes thread only has five posts at the time of this reply... not really inspiring stuff when I can see from the flags in the news comments that there are a number of Aussies on this site ( Aviator comes to mind because of the unique avatar )

The reason why I posted my "Import" Wii Console Code above is again because of the lag issue, not necessarily because I want US friends. (That said, if it wan't for the lag there wouldn't be any hesitation in adding a few names from Stateside and Canada.)
The thought of buying a PAL-region Wii might be rare in the US but here in Oz it's not so unusual for gamers to own a US Wii and if you play online, you hate lag with a passion so the call was intended to also go out to anyone in A-NZ who owns a US Wii.

I quite like the NintendoLife community and I was hoping to easily engage in online gaming with other Aussies and Kiwis through this site.
If there were a couple of forum features, such as Search and adding a Flag under the avatar, then I could live with the suggestions you've helpfully provided.

But if they are not likely to be added in the near future, I'd really appreciate it if you could take the above onboard, unlock this thread,and make it "sticky".

Kind Regards,


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We actually have separate threads for all of these. You're more than welcome to only add AUS users from them if you like, or to try and arrange matches only with users in your own time zone, etc. Here they are:

3DS FCs: here
Wii FCs: NA and EU/PAL
Goldeneye Wii: We have a rather robust thread for that here, these guys take their Goldeneye pretty serious :3
Mario Kart Wii: NA and EU
SSBB: here
Excitebots: here

As for 3DS games, you only need to trade your 3DS console FC in order to play them with other people. :3
CoD: Modern Warfare: here

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