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Hi guys! I just bought the game so I'm looking for some friends!
Friend code: 4871-4156-6889
Name: Ciel
Town: Myosa
Fruit: pear

So far I've added: Carole, waliugi, Darkprincess320, Holly_Bee, Caffkins65 and dangioffre

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F/C: 4871-4156-6889
Animal Crossing New Leaf:
name: Ciel
Fruit: pears


(Wow, one week of vacation and so much has happened...)
Anyways my name is Lizza and I have a lot of fruits to trade (looking for apples )
I'll be on for most of today
All added!

FC: 3153-3339-8501


Anybody up playin at the moment? im tryna go to another towns markets to see if i find what i need =/// My friend codes in the sig, let me know if you add me,ill immediately add back guys,n thanx much.



Anyone want to add me? My code is in the signature. If you added me, let me know and I'll add you back! Respectful players only.

Friend Code: 0061-0518-6622


Anyone wanna add me feel free. Just let me know so I can add u back.

Character Name:YoungO
Town Name:BunzO
Friend Code:3926-4424-1306


Again, anyone want to add me? Code is in the signature :3 @burswaggie I've added you

Name: Emma
Friend Code: 2578-3580-6379


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