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Hi guys! I just bought the game so I'm looking for some friends!
Friend code: 4871-4156-6889
Name: Ciel
Town: Myosa
Fruit: pear

So far I've added: Carole, waliugi, Darkprincess320, Holly_Bee, Caffkins65 and dangioffre

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F/C: 4871-4156-6889
Animal Crossing New Leaf:
name: Ciel
Fruit: pears

3DS Friend Code: 4871-4156-6889


(Wow, one week of vacation and so much has happened...)
Anyways my name is Lizza and I have a lot of fruits to trade (looking for apples )
I'll be on for most of today
All added!

FC: 3153-3339-8501


Anybody up playin at the moment? im tryna go to another towns markets to see if i find what i need =/// My friend codes in the sig, let me know if you add me,ill immediately add back guys,n thanx much.


3DS Friend Code: 0791-3759-0334


Yay! @puzzlesolving as soon as my 3ds stops douching and lets me connect im addin ya back!


3DS Friend Code: 0791-3759-0334


Anyone want to add me? My code is in the signature. If you added me, let me know and I'll add you back! Respectful players only.

Friend Code: 0061-0518-6622


Anyone wanna add me feel free. Just let me know so I can add u back.

Character Name:YoungO
Town Name:BunzO
Friend Code:3926-4424-1306


Again, anyone want to add me? Code is in the signature :3 @burswaggie I've added you

Name: Emma
Friend Code: 2578-3580-6379


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