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Most people on this site are most likely aware that Pocket Camp will have a Splatoon collaboration starting on the 13th (or today to be more specific), which makes sense since a lot of the key people involved with the creation of Animal Crossing were also involved with the creation of Splatoon. That's not the only thing happening today, we all know that a Nintendo Direct is taking place today and it's most likely that a good part of it will be dedicated it, most likely revealing all the details of the 4.0 update (e.g. new weapons, Starfish Mainstage coming back, a possible new mode etc). We're only a few days away from reaching the mid-point of the month and in most months prior, the splatfest theme announcement would have already been revealed so I have a good feeling that at the end of the Splatoon 2 segment they'll reveal what the september splatfest will be.
Now if anybody does read this, I just want to clarify that this is all sheer speculation with zero factual evidence to back it up. It's a very far-fetched idea but a small part of me thinks that the splatfest for this month will be Splatoon (Pearl) vs Animal Crossing (Marina). It would be a great way to tie in Splatoon with the Pocket Camp collaboration as well as introducing a greater portion of people to these two retrospective franchises.
Again, I know this has a very slim chance of actually happening but I think it would really cool way to give a lot of publicity to both franchises as well as a good gateway to people who have heard but never bother try out the other series.



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