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We're going to try to keep this forum as streamlined as possible, which means we may see fit to delete posts that add nothing. If you find posts of yours going missing, it's not personal, we just need to figure out how this forum's going to work best for those looking for games.


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Well some games, like Mario Kart Wii, work without noticeable lag even across the world, while other games such as SSBB work better within the region. So the region approach is probably best, but there couldn't be any harm in mixing them up for lag-free games.

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Are users allowed to make new threads for new games, or can only Mods make them?

Sorry, Im sorta clueless...

wont be on here anymore


I think separate regions for games are unnecessary, it is probably better that when a user posts their friend code they specify their region or times they are available to play. I for example live in the UK but with my job I have a pretty irregular sleep pattern so often am playing at times that Americans are probably playing. Apart from that this forum is a excellent addition to the site.

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