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sure what is your code again? xD

FC: 2363 5750 2323


Yal please add me.. FC is in da sig

FC: 3840-7663-4013


2coldchahta wrote:

Yal please add me.. FC is in da sig

added please add back

3DS FC: 4682-8994-4584


4897-6128-8461 For DOA or just to have, let me know if you have added me.

3DS Friend Code: 4897-6128-8461


Hi Everyone,

Kindly add me and I also started breeding shiny pokemon through Masuda Method and I am looking for shiny pokemon as well..
I got the following:
-Eevee (32 eggs) Now Umbreon
-Eevee (30- 35 eggs) Eevee going to be a Sylveon
-Beldum (350-400 eggs)
-I am currently breeding a shiny froakie at the mean time (Protean: Hidden Ability) (90+ eggs and counting)

Hope you could give me a spare of your shiny pokemon if you have one..

Thanks and god bless!!

Add me up as well...

Add me up: Excalibur
FC: 4184-2791-2024
Ground Type: palpitoad, trapinch,nincada
Shiny Pokemon: Umbreon, Eevee, Beldum, Froakie, Shinx
Looking for:
Shiny Froakie
Shiny Shinx
Shiny Togepi


FC: 3351-5368-2788 - Dandy

Online games I play: Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil: Revelations, AC:NL

FC: 3351-5368-2788 - Dandy
Animal Crossing: New Leaf; Dream Address: 4700-2995-2153


sageyheart wrote:

Hi world! Im 13, and im pretty much addicted to swapnote, im almost always on ( especially @ night) so... ADD ME!

i added you
442521764566 add me back



LivelyTwister wrote:

Ok my username is Tess and Im adding everyone else. I also use SwapNote

i added you add me back



Hi guys I'm looking for friend codes for pokemon. Ill add back right away.
Friend code in the sig

Friend Code:4441-9783-3759


reaper252 wrote:

i added all you guys add me plz

just added u man please add back

Friend Code:4441-9783-3759


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