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Feel free to add me and send me yours FC via Facebook for Pokemon XY Safari.

FC: 0061 0350 8584

Only Pokemon XY.
FC: 0061 0350 8584


Hey my friend code is 2492-4614-9317 and my name is Maddy you should add me. Tell me if you add me and I'll add you back

Name: Maddy
Friend Code: 2492-4614-9317


Zimba wrote:

Feel free to add me and send me yours FC via Facebook for Pokemon XY Safari.

FC: 0061 0350 8584

I added u

Name: Maddy
Friend Code: 2492-4614-9317


Can any1 add me and if any1 wants a squirtle can u trade any1 a charmander or a bulbasour

Games-Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon X

3DS Friend Code: 1392-5202-9861



I'll add you soon.

Hey guys, just to let you know, I'm getting Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on Saturday. So add me if you wanna play online co-op. Be warned, I may be a bit noobish lol.

Bulletproof and black like a funeral.

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"I fear my derriere is not worthy." - Frederick, FE:A

"My uncanny valley begs for reprieve." - Tharja, FE:A

Fates Castle Address: 06963-63228-71096-84460

3DS Friend Code: 3652-1038-9901 | Nintendo Network ID: WinterWarm | Twitter:


0533-5279-0883 add me pls~



Add me everyone ppl that added me earlier I have all of you

My fc is 3883-5326-3066 I have pokemon x, legend of Zelda ocarina of time, new super Mario bros 2, super Mario 3d land, luigi mansion dark moon, Mario and luigi dream team, and kingdom hearts ddd. Add me


add me im also looking for a charizard y stone so if your trading those let me knw


3DS Friend Code: 2423-2480-3839


hi! im back! im going to add more people so add me!

my 3ds fc: 3050 8848 9927
Mk7: rank ★★★
Mk7 vr:10,000+
I play pokemon Y
Animal crossing New leaf
Mario kart 7
and more
Friend safari:Grass Add me :D



add all above,add me back if u havent yet 0533-5279-0883



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