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Does anyone know if or when YouTube is coming to Switch? I've seen videos on YouTube of gamers using Switch that have YouTube on their Switch console. Is that something that the owners of thier Switch has hacked and added themselves or is YouTube coming to Switch. I hope so since that is the only reason I use my Wii U still. If YouTube is coming to Switch and by regions, when will it come out in Europe? Switch is by far Nintendo's best console to date, but they messed up by not adding YouTube. If no plans on adding YouTube, please do so asap in a future upgrade. I know lots of gamers would love YouTube on their Switch console. Please, Nintendo, I'm begging you, add YouTube to Switch! Greatly appreciated. But if anyone knows how to add YouTube now to Switch, please let me know how also. Thanks.



Probably hacked, there are no apps like YouTube, Netflix or Crunchyroll announced for Switch. But there‘s Hulu over at NA and that was announced and released out of the blue so YT might come in a few days, in a few weeks, months or never. We just don‘t know.

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For now we can just hope.



I think a browser app would be much more useful.

And more versatile.

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I've used Youtube from my Switch. It involves a workaround through the Facebook share. It's a fun trick but it's not really worth the effort.

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If there is gonna a YouTube app for it, I hope it'll be a exclusive version instead of the crappy default one that is used on the console/TV. The playback is garbage but if that's the only one that they're planning, I guess it's better than nothing.



@Bi_Bi_Love First up, we are not Nintendo. This is a fan site.

Secondly, yes it would be a good idea for YouTube to come to the Switch. It’s capable of video streaming (and the apps Niconico and Hulu are available in Japan and North America respectively) so it should be a no-brainer. However it appears that currently there are no plans to bring YouTube to the Switch, but never say never! 🤞


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It is not the thing I want the most but it would be definitely very nice to have it. I would download it for sure.

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Aslong as it's an optional download and not forced on the OS, then I wouldn't mind.
It would also be nice if we could upload Switch videos to Youtube too.

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Surprised they haven't brought Youtube to the Switch yet considering the console is selling so well, and I wouldn't have thought it would be too difficult to port over.

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I imagine the wait for the paid online is involved with some of these services not being there. Metrics tracking is the core purpose of most of these video services, and without credit-card-tied online accounts with confirmed users the ad data and metrics aren't worth much to them. It's possible all the video services expected to be there last August but the paid online delays have them holding back. All the services have been on 2 prior Nintendo consoles, so it's not like they don't like to work with Nintendo's model.



I havn't heard anything if youtube is coming to the switch. It would be nice if it did since I use youtube alot on my laptop and tablet.


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YouTube really needs to come to the Switch. It launched with the Wii U, and it's been available on Wii (but I think it's done now) and 3DS for a long time.
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I frankly don't agree with any of the reasoning for not having YouTube and other video apps on Switch that I have seen, but currently Hulu in NA and Nico-Nico in Japan is all there is...

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For a while I was really annoyed with no browser/youtube support for the Switch, but then I realised that I can do both on my Smart TV, iPad, PS4, and phone. The Switch gives me the ability to play a nice HD game on it's little screen whilst having the TV on in the background. Seeing you can't use the streaming apps without an internet connection, this makes the idea of watching youtube outside the house on it a little redundant. Personally I think the Switch should stick to being used to play games.

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I really don't get how having Youtube is a basic functionality for a game console. Of course, for a certain target group it's nice to have, but how can you argue that it absolutely must be on Switch? A game console is primarily meant for playing games and everything else is bonus. Of course, if a console is marketed as a 'media entertainment system' or something like that, it's a different story... The Switch isn't though; until this point it's marketed as a hybrid gaming console.



Home consoles have always been struggling to add more features to be worth getting over the previous generation. From Blue-Ray back on the PlayStation 2, to Netflix/Hulu streaming and 4K resolution on Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft have been competing to be the end-all "complete" Household Entertainment System instead of just being a game console.

Nintendo has taken a slightly different path, having aimed for complete versatility, instead of feature complete on the Switch.

YouTube and a browser are nice features, yes, but not required for it to be deemed a current gen gaming console, especially since your television (what you play it on) can run YouTube and your phone (what you can use for internet connection while out and about, and probably has a higher resolution anyway) can run YouTube already.

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@toiletduck I don't think this kind of functions are a must for a gaming console, but in my opinion an entertainment console is much more cool, satisfying and fun than an "only gaming" console. I prefer Switch over PS4 and XBox because I love Nintendo games and I love its concept and its features but despite how much I like it and appreciate it I can't avoid the thought of how much more cool and intriguing it would be as an all around entertaining console and not only gaming console.
Apps like youtube and others will never detract anything from games. They would just make this console more appealing and fun for anyone. All the people who are not interested could simply not use those apps, maybe even not download them at all.
I understand people not interested in those things, but why people are actively against them being on a console? Don't want them? Just don't use them.

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If things are as they are on New 3DS XL that has YouTube, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to sooner or later get a YouTube app for NS. As for Netflix that would be another matter but they do have Hulu on eShop. So anything can happen NS is only 1 year old and it's tech is evolving.



I do t see why it would hurt having YouTube on here. I’d watch YouTube on it after playing a game. The arguments that this should only be a gaming console are silly. Don’t download it. It’s not like having YouTube available is taking away from your gaming experience. YouTube is available on practically every other handheld device. Why not the Switch?

It’s abailabe on the 3DS and I’ll admit I never used it on there because the screen wasn’t as nice as my iPhone. Where as the Switch makes up for that. Not as nice as my iPhone 8 Plus, but worthy of watching something on.

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