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I made a Top 10 list before, but seeing as that was more for the base game and people might have changed their list because of a new game or due to seeing Piranha Plant and thinking of another "lesser" character from a beloved franchise, at the very least I have
Speaking of my changing list, I would easily trade up a chance for my previous Top 10 making it in, for this one character;

  • Ralsei from deltarune.
    Stage; Field of Hopes and Dreams.
    Music; All of it.

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Okay here's hoping any of these make it as DLC.

1. Professor Layton (This one makes so much sense in my eyes, amazing games which for a long time were exclusive to Nintendo)
2. Phoenix Wright (With Miles Edgeworth as his echo obviously)
3. Monster Hunter
4. Metroid (...I mean if piranha plant can be a fighter)
5. Paper Mario
6. Viridi
7. A TLOZ character that isn't yet another Link: Skull Kid, Vaati or Impa (could be a Sheik echo)
8. A FE character that isn't another sword fighter: Hector, Azura, Takumi or Zephiel as the first villain?

Ok I'll face it... we already have too many FE characters

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  • Rex (with Pyra/Mythra)
  • Tharja
  • Robobot
  • Takamaru
  • Captain Toad

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OK, I'll play.

Pyra/ Mythra from Xenoblade 2. Don't need Rex attached
Cactuar from the Final Fantasy series
Metal Slime from Dragon Quest series
Guardian from Zelda BotW
Twintelle from ARMS. I think an ARMS character is practically a given, but more female fighters is always good.

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Glad you did, I mean, there's no harm in it, right?


  • Terra (FF6)
  • Geno (SMRPG)
  • Chrono (CT)
  • Sora (KH)
  • any DQ rep

I like my JRPG characters! Knuckles, Zero, and Krystal would be on that list had they not been given the AT treatment.


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Banjo and Kazooie
Skull Kid (they wouldn't if they put Tingle)
Crash Bandicoot


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Contra guy
Protoman (Echo fighter)
Eggplant wizard (from Kid Icarus)
Metal Man



Interesting choices so far.



In before this thread gets locked because it should be under the existing SSB Ultimate thread...

1. Rex with Pyra/Mythra
2. Someone from Octopath Traveller
3. Waluigi (half just so that meme can finally die and half because I want to see the internet explode)
4. Reggie. (yes really, I think that'd be hilarious!)
5. A gen 8 Pokemon that we haven't yet seen.

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Characters that might be good:
1. Excite Guy
2. Bandana Waddle Dee
3. New IP (TOWN or ARMS)
4. Rayman
5. Blaze the Cat
Don’t really have explanations, just based off of previous trends and what’s not already in the game in some shape or form (that I know of).

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1. Mike Jones

And that's really it, for me.

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Completely unrealistic:
1. Papyrus from Undertale
2. Adeleine from Kirby
3. Jill from Drill Dozer
4. Viewtiful Joe
5. John Raimi from Geist

Highly unlikely but still in the realm of possibility
1. Isaac from Golden Sun
2. Ray MK III from Custom Robo
3. Chibi-Robo
4. Rayman
5. Dillon

Honestly though, I'm not going to get the DLC because the chances of any of the characters not being awful is about zero so...

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the only characters I really want right now that aren't in the game in any way are Banjo and Wonder Red. Rayman would be cool too. Anything else would just be a bonus at that point.

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I'm considering assist trophies as deconfirmed but not Spirits or Mii costumes.

Elma or Rex/Pyra
Dixie Kong
Mr. Sandman(Punch-Out!!)

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1. Waluigi
2. Geno
3. Nintendog/cat (It's a better selling series than a lot of franchises with characters already in SmUsh.)
4. Spyro
5. Minecraft Steve (Honestly, I want a stage more than the character.)



I'm not joking here, I think Mickey Mouse would be a great character. He's already been in lots of video games, so we have some potential moves for him. He has lots of iconic songs and settings that could easily be turned into a great stage. He has loads of different costumes and Smash is a celebration of iconic characters, isn't it?



1. Tetris piece (if a plant can make it so can a Tetris piece)

2. Morton (my go to in mariokart)

3. Somebody from advance wars (don’t care who)

4. Something out of eternal darkness to hype a follow up in that series (pretty please)

5. Banjo kazooie (nostalgia pick)

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I’m dumb lol. Brain fart moment there @Shizuelle

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@Shizuelle Those obnoxious Minions from Universal have a better chance because of the Nintendo - Universal partnership.



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