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I’d also look for cheap ways to diversify their games portfolio, involve third party developers and leverage old (and lets face it, not popular) IP.

1) Give some old franchises a chance on a successful system.

  • Advance Wars would work great Online
  • Likewise, Batallion Wars with proper voice chat (I’m doing that)
  • F-Zero with 30-player Online. Let Shinen have a go.
  • SSX 1080. Literally a port of the PS3 game with the original 1080 tracks remade within. And Online.

Anything with Online Play can potentially be a revenue stream now.

  • Chibi Robo HD. This might never find an audience but it’s never had a chance.
  • Ever Oasis HD. Don’t let this one drop. Again, never stood a chance

2) More third party crossovers (inc.SSX 1080 above)

  • Super Donkey Kong Ball with Sega (Monkey Ball remake/best of with the DK cast and Online leaderboards/Online play in mini games
  • Lego Nintendo Land. A collection of small Lego adventures within various Nintendo universes
  • Kingdom Hearts Nintendo edition
  • Starlink 2 as a full on Starfox game
  • Taiko Drum Master:Nintendo Edition

Basically I’d sink the company. But it would be a fun ride.

Oh and release a Pro Controlelr with a headphone socket!

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I would carry on the development from Wii U and Switch and integrate it into Nintendo branded phones and tablets, offering accessories such as attachable controllers, docks (to enable TV play). They can still play Switch carts. Nintendo's console ethos would be absorbed into mobile phone sku. Phone consoles (PC's lol) could be bought as contracts with various subscription packages and specs resulting in the public perception that online service is free. So basically, a powerhouse of a mobile device, playable on TV, with integrated chat, uses physical media and has modular solutions for gameplay with access to everyone else's subscription services.

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Create a sizable team who's sole purpose is updating/optimizing retro games. Start releasing at least 10 a month.

Nintendo direct every month. 2nd Thursday of each month to prevent at least a portion of the whining.

Release a switch mini, no dock, fixed joycons for $200

Remake Link to the Past in BOTW engine

Fix online as many have said



1: Remove NSO and replace it with dedicated servers, cloud saves for ALL games, native voice chat and actually special offers FOR FREE.
2: Since the NES games are being removed along with NSO, I'd replace it with Virtual Console, with games from NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, etc.
3: Revive seemingly dead IPs and improve their gameplay.
4: A new Direct every 4 months and at E3, with something along the lines of PSX every November.
5: Speaking of conferences, every E3 is a Direct. Also have a Direct for Gamescom.
6: Put Waluigi in Smash, but only for the memes.
7: Listen to the fans every once in a while. After all, the customer is what keeps a company alive and well.

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I'd definitely market SKUs designed to start getting Switch into more and more niches (largely by allowing for a much lower price point). So a handheld only Switch (ca. £150) and a home console only Switch (ca. £100).

I'd also double down on mobile in a different way. Rather than seeing it as a cash machine I'd look for ways to create games that are intended to destroy the mobile FTP ecosystem. Mobile is a race to the bottom - I'd go straight to the bottom - FTP games with no micro-transactions and no intention at all to make money directly. Their only role would be promoting Nintendo brands and undermining the business model of publishers who can't or won't do the same.

At the same time I'd want to improve the offer for dedicated fans. Perhaps by creating a dedicated subscription service (ca. £240 a year) that comes with 6-12 games/merchandise a year (the games could be a combination of new blockbuster games and physical Switch copies of classic games exclusively available to subscribers).


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@StuTwo Interesting you should say about a home console switch.

If that had been an option, I would of bought it.

I don’t like playing handheld.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great with switch.
It’s just never really been my thing.



1. Increase the security of the Online Cloud saves
2. make Voice and BT a option for later Switches
3. Make a PC based software so user can save and restore their Switch offline when they want
4. Bring in more Indie developers not shovelwares
5. Make a Switch 2.0HD development come sooner then later with upgrade buy back
6. Keep looking for the best minds and games to be exclusive Switch Platform
7. Get rid of Game Developers whom has no interest to help the Switch grow
8. Make the upcoming Switch have more RAM and Storage and increased sd slots and allow for two Switch cards slots
9. Negotiate games prices to keep gamers interested within reason so developers can still make a living.
10. Ask Developers to make have inclusive games for family and kids that will insure they will be long life fans.

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1: Try to fix the connection issues with the online service.
2: Port Mother 3 to the Switch and use the script of the fan translation.
3: Focus less on mobile games.
4: Stop neglecting old IPs that could sell very well on the Switch.
5: If SNES games are released on the online service, retranslate the ones that originally were localized badly.


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1. Make a new F-Zero for the Switch
2. Make Switch Online better (more classic games beyond NES, cloud saves for all games, voice chat via headset, being able to message friends, further reduce lag)
3. More exclusive games for Switch than Wii U ports
4. If going third-party, I would focus more on games for PC/Steam rather than smartphones

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1) Not read internet forums
2) Continue getting input from CFO & COO


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1. I would bring Switch's online features more in line with standard online offerings, messaging, system based voice chat, and a party/invite system. All restrict-able and monitored by parental controls.

2. I would announce new package deals for the online deals. One for each legacy system from NES to N64. The base NSO would be 20 dollars as is, adding either 5 dollars a year for each individual system, or 50 dollars a year for everything. Each console would get 1 game each weak from here out until a healthy library is established.

3. I would announce two new Switch versions, a more expensive version, using the newer tegra chip, with better battery, more internal storage, larger screen - at 1080p undocked, and a better battery. And a much cheaper Switch, non-detachable controls, not packaged with a dock, but still fully compatible with one and all other Switch controllers. It would still also play all Switch games.

4. eshop fully redesigned, better browsing, more categories, ratings by users who have purchased the game, flash sales (hour long special deals), and featured "game of the day" "game of the week" and "game of the month" indie games would still focus heavily in advertising.

5. Announcement of alternative joy-cons, "pro" style with grips suited to users with larger hands, D-pad style, analogue trigger style.

6. The big one, Gamecube and Wii games ported to Switch, a Swtich USB adapter for the Wii sensor bar, a new USB sensor bar, and firmware update making the Switch compatible with Wii-motes. Gamecube games that were originally full priced retail releases, 10 dollars. Wii Games 12. Cheaper for ports of Wiiware titles. All of this would be handled by a new, dedicated studio that would also be handling the NSO titles. This would be a new department at Nintendo dedicated to handling their legacy content in general. They'd also handle any future "mini consoles".

7. Releasing ports of NES, SNES, Game Boy and GBA titles on Android and iOS 5 dollar a piece. (This is a potential gold mine for Nintendo, Sega has been doing it already) Possibly even an official "Nintendo Controller" Bluetooth based, made specifically for their ports.

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I would...

-Support The 3DS till its 10 year mark in 2021

-Make more solid long term plans for the switch.

-Get better supplies of Amiibo in The U.S.

-Give The Koopalings their own Amiibo

-Greenlight A Kid Icarus Game for Switch

-Greenlight An Earthbound (Mother) Game for Switch

-Greenlight Ice Climbers & Punch-Out Mobile Games

-Make an HD Remake of Super Mario Sunshine for The Switch (with new Sunshine Themed Bowser Jr. Mario, Peach & Toadsworth themed Amiibo)

-Port Mario Kart: Double Dash to 3DS

-Greenlight an Animal Crossing to air on Cartoon Network with some of the team that worked on Adventure Time & We Bare Bears working on the series

-Get Monthly Animal Crossing, Kirby & Super Mario Bros. Comics from Dark Horse made.

-Greenlight more Smash Bros. DLC

-Add Pauline, Pac-Man, Zelda & The Broodals into MK8 Deluxe as DLC

-Greenlight a traditionally animated Legend of Zelda animated series as a co-pro between Nintendo & Netflix.

-Greenlight a Yoshi's Island movie of the upcoming Illumination Super Mario Bros. One does well.

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First thing I would do is make a SNES and virtual console games free for all owners of a modern Nintendo Console. It's the least they can do.



I give 3DS a bump by doing the Virtual Boy Virtual Console, which should have been done because 3DS was the only system reviving Virtual Boy games could have made sense in.

Not joking.

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Realise that Nintendo were at another financial peak in a very volatile industry. Try to make the most of the audience the Switch currently has by investing in content while it's still popular. Maximising the current potential for profit. But at the same time make sure that there's enough in the bank at the end of the cycle that Nintendo could still spend keep the wheels turning during the next downturn when it inevitable comes.

Not unlike how Iwata managed the Wii/DS period which allowed them to still produce content during the Wii U/3DS era. Content which now is making them reasonable returns with a new platform that has an audience.

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Pretty sure most people here have said it, but hey, I would bring back a proper Virtual Console


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Actually at this stage the main priority would be avoiding the complacency/arrogance of the late Wii/DS era that left them in such a mess at the launch of 3DS, and again at Wii U launch. Don’t get blinded by the profits now, keep the corporate eye on what comes next.

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I'd probably make like a Mario game or something


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I'll make good decisions and respect the fans unlike Lucasfilm.

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