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Hyptothetical question.

You become the new CEO of Nintendo.

What are you going to do ?

What are you going to change ?

How would you plan out the strategy for 2019 ?




1. I will provide MORE kid friendly games for Nintendo, especially girls and women, like Satoru Iwata vision.
2. I will improve Online infrastructure to make sure Online playing will keep stable.
3. I will provide White, Blue and Silver color for first launching of newest Nintendo video game because not everyone adore Black color.
4. I will pay more and try to engage with some 3rd party developers to release their games on Nintendo machines by Exclusively.
5. I will improve the hardware of the machines but keep the uniqueness of Nintendo machines.
6. I will revive some Old Nintendo IPs and improve their gameplay.
7. I will try to maintain the price of the game media storage especially cartridge keep affordable for developers so they will eager to release their games in physical media.
8. I will provide backup save data to prevent data loss and also Cloud saving for Free.
9. I will lowering the MSRP for some games that deserve for cheap prices such as 1-2-Switch, Sushi Strikers, etc.
10. I will make game box packaging as beautiful as 3DS or Wii U rather than like Switch game box design.
11. I will ask the developers to give some booklet inside the game box even just a few pages.
12. I will eliminate some infamous developers like EA if they don't engage with Nintendo.
13. I will make some Nintendo games going Arcade.
14. I will advertise the Kid friendly Nintendo games & also 3rd party games on Healthy food or drinks commercial instead of Fast food commercials.
15. I will make Official Retro clone machines to play older Nintendo games as replacement of Virtual Console. And the machine can be played like Switch style.

And still many more.....

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1. Online infrastructure will be greatly improved. Voice chat, dedicated servers, you name it. Cloud saves will be free.
2. Make sure a Switch Pro releases by 2020 or sooner. And on that note, make sure the Switch's successor (unless it's a hybrid again) is more powerful than the PS5 and 4th Xbox by a lot.
3. Release NES, GB, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA, GCN, and Wii games on the Switch eShop.
4. Have a new F-Zero and other old IPs make a comeback on Switch.
5. Control pricing more so that the games mostly get cheaper over time like on other platforms.
6. No more ports/remakes on the 3DS.
7. Prior to the holiday season of 2019, drop the New 3DS XL to $150. Drop the New 2DS XL to $100, and 2DS to $60.
8. Go out of the way more for 3rd party support.
9. Lower prices of Switch controllers and accessories.

What Would W. Do?

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I'd make Virtual Console a subscription service

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It'd basically be like port begging, except I can actually make them happen.

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Lots of Wii U ports, NSO being replaced by a Xbox Game Pass style VC, free online and the resulting free cloud saves being supported by every Switch game

So quite similar to @ReaderRagfihs

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I bask in a bathtub full of money, on that CEO salary. I stop mucking around with the Switch online service and instantly add SNES and GBA titles, and begin the process of porting GameCube and Wii to Switch controls. I plough all other resources into games that suit my specific tastes. Zelda BotW gets a Majora’s Mask-style follow-up in the same engine, while Team Cherry (Hollow Knight devs) are bought out and brought in-house to make the next 2D Zelda.

Four months later, Nintendo’s share price is wobbling near to Wii U levels. I am fired. I take my massive payoff, and thank the board for their time. The new Hollow Link title turns out to be a worldwide smash, especially with Zelda being the surprise protagonist under her bone mask, and I bask in the warm glow of being proved right. Nintendo nevertheless refuse to answer my calls. (I really should have worked on my Japanese.)

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  • Offer a Virtual Console style Game Pass Service (or offer it as a Premium tier of the Online service)
  • Sort that Online service out
  • Add streaming services to Switch (including Spotify)
  • Make 3DS backwards compatibility a thing. Same as MS, with limited games being dripfed onto Switch but allow punters to carry their digital libraries over.
  • Do a bit more chasing of Western third parties. Even if it’s old COD, GTA and the like. EAs Sports Games too.
  • Cloud saving on all games and add a local backup option

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  • Support forward and backwards compatibility forever
  • Invest more money in Monolith Soft and other such studios
  • Leverage more third-parties to dabble in more first-party IPs
  • Separate online play from the subscription
  • Add the basic social functionalities like messaging

Pretty much it I guess.

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I’d get a dev team working on f zero switch and another team working on eternal darkness 2. Then I’d start rolling out SNES and 64 games for the online service.

That’s my semi realistic start to that job 😂

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Madder128 wrote:

You become the new CEO of Nintendo.

every character is part of the LGBTQ community now, deal with it nerds 😎

I'll be your 1up girl

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1. Create and invest in new studios. I would want two new studios in Japan that could work on new IPs with a mix of new young talent and older more experienced creators to help harness there new ideas. Id create a new mega American studio to help develop content that would appeal to the region specifically and help broaden Nintendos appeal there (think Bungie in the early days of Xbox). Id also want to create two studios in Europe. One would be staffed by experienced UK developers who could bring some of that classic British thinking to Nintendo games (think about some of the stuff coming out of there in the 80s and 90s) and one would be French/German studio focused on bringing Western rpgs to Nintendo consoles.

2. Id invest heavily in helping indie studios take there games to the next level. Id love to see what developers like Mike Bithell or Alex Holowka could do with a AA budget.

3. Attempt to secure exclusive licensing details for major upcoming film/television franchises. The age of the cash grab movie tie in game has passed (fortunately) as mobile took over but it could hold a lot pf potential if Nintendo were to invest wisely. This could cover everything from the next big AAA game based on something say Game of Thrones in scale to smaller indie titles made to tie in to popular tv shows similar to the Stranger Things games.

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1. Buy Sonic and Skies of Arcadia from Sega (give Sonic to the 3D Mario team, give Skies of Arcadia to Monolithsoft)

2. Set up several small studios like Tantalus/Grezzo whose sole job is to remake old classics that are either not available on current platforms, or could really do with an update. Start with Mario Sunshine, Skies of Arcadia, and Links Awakening.

3. Release 2 cheaper Switch versions. A handheld-only version and a console-only version. This should considerably lower the price of each.

4. Make sure to release a sequel to both BotW and Mario Odyssey on the Switch.

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What would I do as CEO of Nintendo?

Easy. I'd go in with all the hopes and dreams I've ever had as a Nintendo fan with the determination to make them all a reality--virtual console, even bigger exclusives, full third-party support, improved online, etc.

Then I'd end up getting into feuds with developers, second parties, third parties, manufacturers, advertisers, and investors, before realizing that I'm never going to really get my way and settle for the status quo. 'Cause that's what being a CEO is actually like most of the time.

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I will make a deal with Sony to release together the next handheld/console system called Playstation Switch.

I will make release when its ready the whole SNES catalogue as part of the paid online tier

I will introduce a new subscription tier with 5 dollars/month where you will have access to N64/GC/Wii/arcade games for free.

I will introduce Switch light with no docking part and price under 200$

I will try to reduce game retail prices of games and offer more aggressive discounts than Playstation Store....

Try to make exclusive deals with 3d parties like Square-Enix and Rockstar to bring more Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto games to Switch.

Focuse on long term growth over short term profits

Put way more money on promotion and advertisement and social media presence.



1. change the online service. Drop the smarphone app and use native voichat on the switch + messaging system + invest in online services.
2. Acitvely ask third-parties to port games that seem possible on switch (GTA V, Assassins creed, far cry, hitman)
3. Have one mario game, one zelda game per year
4. Make animal crossing, super smash bros ultimate, mario kart 8 deluxe live services (no microtransaction, just dlc free and paid).
5. Make one studio the port studio for switch (let them make (3) ds and Wii (u) ports to fill up the gaps between releases).
6. stop developing games for the 3ds and sell a handheld only switch without a dock. (you can still buy the dock if you want to play tv)
7. bring the virtual console back and offer 1 (good) indie game a month in the online service.
8. Aquire 2 new western studios (Larian studios, codemasters) and 1 new japanse studio(falcom) to develop Pillars of eternity 3, advance wars, F-zeron Stafox, YS series+Kid Icarus,



I will commission a mega mushroom, eat it, and personally crush Sony, Microsoft, and News Corp.

And then burp.

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