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As some people already pointed out: The new Yoshi is about cardboard, Nintendo Labo is about cardboard. Is there a connection? Is that why they didn't show it at the Direct mini, not only because it gets released at a later date but also because they are repurposing it for Toy-con usage?

I hope I can still get the game and play it without a Toy-con though!



@Henmii: I don't believe it's a coincidence, but I doubt it would use Labo. It may have just been a point of inspiration. Labo must've been in development for a good year or two while this game was getting started.



@Dev I am not totally sure how much inspiration there would have been, considering this is not being developed in house by Nintendo so why would they be in the know about something like Labo, unless there was potential talk of integrating them but then decided not to. I think setting Yoshi in a cardboard world was more likely just the next logical step after being a wooly world.



Yoshi Switch Release Date Leaked?

Australian retail website Sanity currently has Yoshi pegged for a June 30th release date. Amazon Italy had Yoshi‘s release date marked for June 29th in a since-removed listing. It’s certainly possible that neither one of these dates are correct, but both of them being in late June is telling.


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Yoshi (Working Title) - Demonstration - Nintendo E3 2017

Watching the trailer yesterday for this I was indifferent to it but after watching this video, it has grown on me a lot. It looks really nice and the front and back play to the levels is a cool idea. I'm now very interested in seeing more of it.

Wow! I'd largely ignored this game up until now, but after watching that demonstration it has really grown on me a lot as well! ..doesn't look like the most challenging game in the world - very few 'enemies' seem to actually attack you (and the ones that do seem easy enough to defeat) - but it looks like it more than makes up for it with its charm! ..just seems like it'd be such a joy to play and would have you grinning from ear to ear throughout - which is no bad thing at all!

I'd definitely recommend that people, if they haven't already, watch the above video just to check it out - you might find that you're as pleasantly surprised as I was! ..what a charming looking game!

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