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Dezzy wrote:

If the VGChartz numbers are right, the first 2 games performed almost identically in all 3 main regions.

VGChartz are always a big IF, let's be honest.

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Note: The preview embargo is being lifted on Nov 15 so we're gonna see some coverage from those with early review copies.

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So, based on the previews I've read/watched, this sounds like the game the original Xenoblade Chronicles should have been in the first place. Side quests apparently give you more information to go on and help to develop the towns and locales you complete them in. The streamlined UI is easy on the eyes and eliminates the annoying issues that cropped up in battles and dialogue sections in the previous game. And the new combat system sounds incredibly deep. Also, the characters are pleasingly stylized instead of ugly and Western-looking.

I'm really looking forward to playing this.



@Ralizah But Spoilers

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@Ralizah Why does Nintendo feel the need to continually overexpose their games, to quote you lot.

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Dude, this music.

So. Good.

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@YummyHappyPills I mean, this is different to me than giant 20 minute infodumps about the world, characters, etc. we were getting in Nintendo Directs.

Then again, if I'm not mistaken, Nintendo revealed one of XCX's bigger plot twists in a trailer, so maybe mere worldbuilding info and random character introductions are a step forward.

@EvilLucario Yeah, I'm really happy with what I've heard of the OST so far. In the same vein as the first game, but higher quality.

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@Ralizah yah, the smart people who're putting together the trailers put one of the final twists in the story in the launch trailer, being incredibly blatant and obvious about what goes on lol

Music tho, did some more leak? I know of the four tracks they uploaded a while ago, curious if there's more. The battle theme in particular is already really darn great imo, it's basically a new Mechanical Rhythm (listen to that ****, kids) which is right up my alley lol

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Ralizah wrote:

Then again, if I'm not mistaken, Nintendo revealed one of XCX's bigger plot twists in a trailer, so maybe mere worldbuilding info and random character introductions are a step forward.

That's funny. I didn't see that trailer at the time but randomly watched it earlier today because I was going back and comparing old Xenoblade trailers.
I assume you're talking about the one with Elma. That was a really awful decision. Glad it wasn't spoiled for me.
The 2 main twists in the last chapter are awesome in that game. Not the final cliffhanger. That's dumb. But the earlier twists in the lifehold.

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@Dezzy Yeah. I skipped that section of the trailer, but I'm aware there's apparently a MASSIVE spoiler regarding Elma at the end based on the comments, which seems a bit... counterproductive on Nintendo's part.

@Tsurii I'm about halfway through the story. I contemplated leaving XC2 until I finished X, but, honestly... I need this game in my life. Everything I've seen has looked really good.




You really should finish X first. The ending is incredibly good. Far better than the silly metaphysics nonsense at the end of XC1.

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Note: Not sure if it's true but I'm starting to hear that heavy spoilers including the final boss are being leaked online, they say that it's been removed but either way tread carefully.

Round-up of Previews

video 1
Torigoth 0:00
"What the bloody hell is this?!" Cutscene 0:45
Morag and Brighid Cutscene 1:27
Meeting Brigid Cutscene 3:28
Poppi Cutscene (partial) 4:59
6:59 to the End: Gameplay

video 2
Meeting Brighid Cutscene 10:57
Morag and Brighid Cutscene (extended)14:52
Fight against Zeke "My eye of shining justice is throbbing!" 17:48 Gameplay
Fight against Lila (similar to Poppi, Bana's artificial Blade) "Puh-Punch" 22:28 Gameplay
Torigoth 28:30
"What the bloody hell is this?!" Cutscene 29:25
Poppi Cutscene (latter half extended) 32:18
Empire of Mor Ardain 35:07

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Playlist of leaked soundtracks, mentioned above on Post #891 (edit: new link to leaked soundtracks)

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Well Nintendo's not so good decisions continued with Mario Odyssey, given their focus on the Metro Kingdom at events I expected it to be early on...

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@Dezzy I'll definitely finish X either way. Good to hear you like the ending. I'm enjoying how much more grounded the story is than the one in XC.



Uhm. I need to read up on this game. Seems like the game to have next!



So I've watched basically everything that's been released. It's quite clear they've heavily restricted how much people can in terms of being up to a certain point in the game, which is fairly early on.
Given that they've said repeatedly that it's just as long as XC1 (i.e 70ish hour story), I don't think we're at risk of many spoilers.

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