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"So Nah, So Fern" from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

One of my favourite tunes, and I never actually recognized it when it played in the game. In fact, most of XenoX's best tunes are only played once or twice, and not even from start to finish.

Only when I dug into the soundtrack and the lyrics, I started to get emotionally attached to this song. And I wanted to find the scene in the game where this song plays. I found it's just an incomplete and muted version of the song in a cutscene that is also broken up by a "multiple choice answer"-pause. What a low-key place for this beautiful, beautiful song. Any other game would place it as the title track or ending track, or in an endless loop. So that makes this a real hidden gem for me.

A Japanese woman giving her best to sing a song with German lyrics (probably for the first time) amazed me as well.

I think the song also fits perfectly to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (with "the big tree" and the whole spirit and meaning of the song). I still listen regularly to it and wish there was a place in the game where I could replay it without starting from scratch.

It's the only piece of video game music I heard in 30 years that connects to my soul on the deepest level.

It resurrected my belief that videogames can still bring joy, a gift, a surprise to even a seasoned hardcore veteran gamer. It resurrected my belief that the best videogame moments aren't necessarily bound to the games we played as kids. This affection and love can still be found and accessed in new modern games, and it doesn't matter in the slightest how old we are.

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Snaplocket wrote:

Really? I find the soundtracks from those games to be almost completely forgettable. I really like a well regarded soundtrack in 2 well regarded games made by well regarded composers. Are you somehow surprised?

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@kkslider5552000 Yeah because I didn't find any of the music in either of those games to be particular great to me. (and Xenoblade 1 wasn't that great in my opinion, kinda average in my eyes)

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then you are easily surprised

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I loved how xeno many of Xs soundtrack felt. Definitely prefer sawanos music. Im sure overall i will like the new soundtrack but the battle theme sounds pretty lame.

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My fav from xenoblade 1 is the ending cutscene. It is one those songs it gets in my head. The list of songs are (xbch1 beyond the sky, FE awk Id serenity, Return, purpose, halo 2 main theme, FE ft lost in thoughts all alone, zelda breath of the wild all the songs ,battalion wars 2 menu theme for some weird reason, last but not least ssbm main menu theme.



Theme X and The way are my favorites from XCX. I love the music, and the lyrics from the way fit well with the tone of XCX.

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Edit (Nov 3): Time to update the compilation. Looks like we got two rare lightning-type Blades.

It's been a while since someone last posted about the rare Blades that are being shown off on the JP Twitter account. So why not make a compilation of what we have so far...

Azami (video)


Finch (video)

Hotaru (video)

Kubira (video)

Mithra (JP: Hikari) (gameplay vid)

Nyūtsu (video 1, video 2)

Poppi α


Raiko (video)

Roc, Roc?

Shiki (video)

Tohika (video 1, video 2)

Uka (video)

Vasara (video)

Yūō (video)

Zakuro (Pomegranate?) (video)

All rare Blades (as of Oct 31)

JP VA for every rare Blades (as of Nov 3)

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I've purposely avoided the blade updates. Like Mario Odyssey, I'd much rather just go into the game and be surprised.

The game is coming up really quick here. Really quick. After Odyssey, I'm playing DOOM for 4 days, LA Noire for 3 days, Skyrim for 11 days, then Resident Evil Revelations 2 for 3 days...

And then it's Xeno time.

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Amen to that ^^^^^^^^^

I'd like to... See his blade



@DiscoGentleman Xenoblade 1 already ported twice, it doesn't need an HD remaster.

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Snaplocket wrote:

@DiscoGentleman Xenoblade 1 already ported twice, it doesn't need an HD remaster.

Oh it SO does. It looks incredible in HD on Dolphin. You don't even need to change the textures. Just get it rendering in 1080p.

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i feel like ive never wanted a game to come out so bad as i want this game to come out.. the closest anticipation ive had to this was when i had nintendo 64 pre ordered with mario 64 and i was more hyped than ever.
the day it came out my mom brought me to toys r us and picked it up.. then she made me go to this wack work picnic she had or something like that. oh i was just losing my mind there! like "mom can we go yet???" lol

while playing mario odyssey the only other game ive planned is LA Noire release and XBC on emulator until dec 1st.

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@Dezzy Not really, it still looks really bad even in 1080p. Weird character models, flat textures, stock animations, loads of pop-in and clipping. Xenoblade 1 has been ported twice and all three versions are easy to obtain. HD wouldn't change enough to justify a full blown re-release at full price, even if I didn't think it was one of the most overrated games ever.

@Inertiacreep I'm not nearly as hyped as you but they're are plenty of other games to play while waiting for this. Superbeat Xonic, Skyrim Switch, Sonic Forces, Etrian Odyssey V, Danganronpa v3, YS VIII, Fire Emblem Warriors, Doom on Switch, Golf Story, Deemo, the list goes on.

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About Torna, why did Tetsuya Nomura involved in Xenoblade 2 ?
Should be care with his projects for SquareEnix ?
What is that means about "collaboration" between a staff from SquareEnix with Nintendo ?

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Takahashi asked Nomura if he wants to design something for the game, since he has several artists design blades anyway, and he said yes. As easy as that.

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@Dezzy Yes!!! The bf is playing through it on Dolphin and things like Satorl Marsh are beyond stunning in HD. IMO they should have ported it to the Switch instead of the 3DS, where it's worse in nearly every way. And yeah, that title screen alone shows how amazing the game looks in HD. So clean and crisp looking.

@DiscoGentleman Oh definitely, I'm glad we get to get in on that fan service too



@Tsurii GASP

On a separate topic, does anyone know who the character design more the Mario series is. I know the American branch came up with his design but I have no idea who the current designer is in particular.

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@Snaplocket Ported once. The Wii U Virtual Console was basically just a download for the actual Wii game, like Galaxy 1/2 and Prime Trilogy. I assume it was far easier to do because the Wii U allows native backwards compatibility with the Wii, so it's not even port-levels of effort to bring it there.

Regardless, an HD double pack of XC1 and XCX would be sweet.

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