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@JaxonH And now I've beaten it too. Wow... Just wow!

The QoL-changes made to the game, made it a much more enjoyable experience than the main game for me, even though I love XC2. But Torna did a lot of things so much better, especially with the much more dynamic battle system and the ditching of the Core Crystal management, that I now hold it in higher regard than the main game.

I agree with you that the final battle was great! And it was kinda sad ending the game knowing what would happen to the characters, which then would lead to the events in XC2. Some of the characters, especially Lora and Jin, really grew on me.

Still not better than XC1, but pretty damn close! Can't wait to see what Monolith Soft creates next!

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Nicely done. That was a killer ending though, eh?!!

Gosh dang I wish more games had the gall to do an ending like that. Too often “happily ever after” trumps brilliance. And that ending... that was brilliant.

The removal of the gatchya system definitely helped elevate Torna above the main game. It was a neat system but... overall I enjoyed the version without it more (Torna).

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