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@Anti-Matter 3 males including Tora. @JaxonH Provided a pretty nifty chart with all the blades a few pages back. Beware though one of the blades on that page is a pretty big spoiler.

Side note: We get you it, you don't like boobs. its in pretty much every post you've put in here.

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@buddakeks err so I think that when you use the ability the buff is tied to, it comes into effect. I.e, use Flame nova and the damage dealt to beasts for the duration of the battle will be increased by 60% (or more, if you have upgraded it further).

I don't think it's enabled by default at the start of each battle.

Anyone know why there are random drivers around that show up as enemies? There is one by the notice board in Torigoth. And I've just run into a group in the middle of the field. Just wondering plot wise why it would want me to pick a fight with these guys.

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@JaxonH I entered that area yesterday and died to the flying enemies who were level 17-20. I was 14... I battled one monster in the lower part with the acid and decided to skip it for now. I'm currently level 17 and just left the town which you'll be entering very soon. I can still hold my own against monsters but I hope I don't have to stop to grind later. Of course there's always the inn too, I haven't used it to raise my level yet and I'm avoiding it as long as I can.

@kyleforrester87 The notice board had wanted posters on it so the driver in front of it is most likely interested in catching criminals for money. Nia's face was on one of the posters and people are also trying to get their hands on the Aegis.

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Errr another question.. what do the "idea +" signs on some of the abilities on the affinity chart mean..?



Man, I wasn't that impressed by Mor Ardain when they showed it in trailers but even having only explored a tiny part of it in early chapter 4 made it my favorite area in the game. So far anyway. The city on that titan is so "xenogears-y"... I love it.

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What a beautiful signature.

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Alright cool. Maybe I'll leave it for now. Finally unlocked Poppi's 3rd ringed tier of the affinity tree, so I'm well on my way to getting the right Field Skills in advance.

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@Anti-Matter No problem, booby.. erm.. buddy.

It's better to talk about the fear of boobs than hiding from the fear of boobs because hiding from the fear of boobs will never get you courageous enough for the boobs, but going through the fear of boobs and talk with us about the fear of boobs will get you to understand your fear of boobs better and it will finally make you accept the boobs as a part of life with their own right to exist.

It's great a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 can make you overcome your fears.


How many times can you fit the word boob in a single sentence.... 🤣

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About boobs.
I have no fear to see that but i don't like when sexy girls exploited too much, especially their boobs. It's much like Naughty girls that appeal for typical Adult male gamers.

Generally, Adult male gamers will definetely adore those sexy bodies with very big boobs, sexier means more appealing. But, it's different case for me.
My reaction was Totally Opposite. Instead of being interested, i felt Yucky. Ew...!
I would rather see Muscular Male body with Great pecs, Very Big Biceps & Triceps, Very solid Six pack, Handsome face, Short & Spiky hairstyle, Nice attitudes, great smile, i can die by those Handsome males.

But, don't think i have no interest with girls at all. I like to watch America's Next Top Model, watch a lot of Girlie situations, High Fashion, Catwalk, Cosmetics, Editorial / Commercial / Beauty photoshoot, Crossdressing (Like Ms J. Alexander did), Makeovers, etc. In this case, i'm okay with Beautiful girls because they put on different situation. Let me explain this.

If the Female characters targeted for Girls audiences like Barbie or Style Savvy, they have Appropriate looking and non Seductive outfits. But if targeted for Male audiences, i see the females are like Playboy or Victoria Secret models, Sexy and Naughty. In this case, i prefer Appropriate looking girls.

Back to Xenoblade 2 case.

There are some Cool looking Female Rare Blades but only very few that caught my interest. The Male Rare Blades are so few compared with amount of Female Rare Blades and kinda unfair since not all male gamers adore Moe girls as usual. I might not hunt for all Rare Blades if they are not really necessary to be unlocked. Only a few Rare Blades caught my interest. This is the video of 27 Rare Blades.

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@kyleforrester87 I believe that they increase your chances of getting unique blades when opening core crystals.

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@Ralizah I read that but it seemed odd to tie something like that to blade skills. But this is an odd game, I guess.

Edit: actually, makes sense, if the idea is for you to get a higher chance of higher quality blades the further through the game you get. Like tying it to your character level i suppose, but perhaps encourages you to use blades you wouldn't normally bother with?

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Battled against this dude named Zeke and my two party members died when I'd almost won. Then both of us needed one more hit to finish each other off. He was faster... It's nice to have some challenge, I'm sure I'll be able to beat him on my second try.

EDIT: Much easier on second try even though I just rushed back to the battle without any changes to my team. Also got a rare blade for Nia. Already forgot her name but it's ok, she forgot her name as well during the introduction scene. I didn't switch right away because I'm just two skills shy of getting everything for my rarity 2 blade. I grew quite attached to her even though she isn't a rare blade and has quite generic design.

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I programmed a simple tool that copies all Switch screenshots from an SD card and places them to folders according to the game:

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40 hours in and finally catching up with battle mechanics and combos and must say.. anyone who says it’s too simple - didn’t play it enough or don’t understand it at all. This game surpassed all my expectations.. it’s sooo good! Third titan... that colors... very nice.. on TV ofc

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@Ralizah, @CroRock, thanks for the imput!

I decided to go for DBX2 this time, and will get XBC2 later when it looks like I'll have more TV time.


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After getting further in the game I'm really wondering if he rewrote some of the ideas he had for xenosaga that he never got to use and some of the characters (like Cole) look like they're straight out of xenosaga.

But for being my first big switch game... i still can't get over what this system can do.. this game looks utterly awesome.. these levels just blow me away.

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