Topic: Would you do a lot of traveling with your Switch, or would you prefer to stick to a 3DS?

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I think Majora's Mask was probably a bit too ambitious for the console it was made for and the time frame it had to be made within. What I could play of it, the game was good. But it's problems were too large for me to surmount. Others didn't have a problem with the game for one reason or another, but I wonder how many only got through the game using a strategy guide. Anyone remember strategy guides?


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I mean, tbh I think most had to use them for OoT as well.

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@FaeKnight I’m not sure it should take 2 hours to get out of Clock Town each time you go back in time. You should usually get an item or something that would allow you to “skip” ahead to where you stopped before. For example if you need a sword to get out of Clock Time and it takes a lengthy process to get the sword, you can go back in time once you get the sword and you don’t have to repeat getting the sword again; since you have it already you can just go out of Clock Town and continue on.

I think the basement of a house in Clock Town was where you can get the song of half time. If you Google “how to get Song of Half Time” then it should give you clear instructions on how to get it. Unfortunately for these games a walkthrough is necessary for when you get stuck, but any online free walkthrough would do so it shouldn’t be a big issue.

@gamer1000k I see what you’re saying. When you get a chance to replay it, I recommend you use the Song of Half Time. With that the time shouldn’t be stressful. You can usually comfortably complete tasks that act as checkpoints that allow you to go back in time without losing progress, so you’ll realize the time pressure is not as bad as it might appear at first glance.



FaeKnight wrote:

Having to do a lengthy string of fetch quests to leave town every time time resets meant I didn't have enough time to try figuring out where to go next.

What are you talking about? After you get the ocarina and turn back into normal Link once, all you have to do to leave town is talk to one of the guards, who will let you leave once he sees you have a sword and are therefore not just a random little kid trying to run away from his parents.

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Time is plentiful enough in Majoras Mask. You’ll only run out if you try to, say, do an entire section of the game in a single cycle. Like... 0 to 100 in the Great Bay Area in one sitting.

My 11 year old self never had problems managing time in that game. And he was very dumb, believe me.

Ok ok, credit where credit is due. My kid self played all those games from start to finish in a foreign language he didn't understand. Maybe he wasn't so dumb.

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Majora's Mask is definitely a harder game than Ocarina of Time, but not because of the time limit.

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@FaeKnight It wasn't too ambitious but innovative.

I never used any guides for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on Nintendo 64 and I was only stuck in Ocarina of Time because I didn't realise that I had to play a certain song on a certain place.

The 3DS version of Majora's Mask has much better frame rate, nicer visuals, better gameplay, better notebook, two new areas... It's the definitive version.

Like everyone else is saying, you have more than enough time to do things if you go back in time and slow down time and your progress is not reset as other have explained to you.

One of the best experiences is learn from the future and go back in time to fix it, or intervene to change people's destinies.

Majora's Mask is one of my best experiences ever.



@ReaderRagfish Agreed. They are different. Ocarina of Time is a perfect round story and Majora's Mask is darker and more complex. Both are two of my favourite games ever.



LOL, seems like we need to start up a Majora's Mask thread if there isn't one already we can necro. We've filled up nearly a whole page on this thread talking about it.

Anyways, more back on the original thread topic...

For the next Switch hardware revision, I really hope they take more design cues from the Wii U gamepad from an ergonomics and durability standpoint. It's physically larger than the Switch (mostly in terms of thickness) which not only improves ergonomics, but also provides a LOT more internal volume for faster hardware and batteries.

Put a shatterproof 1080P IPS matte touch display in there, the hardware to properly run games at that resolution, enough battery capacity for at least 3-4 hours of full-res gaming (or longer if we opt for a lower-res power save mode), more storage (128GB+), and update the software to have feature-parity with the Wii U (VC, video apps, web browser, local save game backup) and it would be an awesome travel device.

I also realize that it would likely cost considerably more than it does now if all this were implemented without cutting corners, but I can dream, can't I?



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