Topic: will the monster hunter double cross on switch europe coming soon tbh ?

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i will have a question will the nintendo switch europe version and america version coming soon on tbh or not for the nintendo switch for monster hunter double cross switch will have you guys answer me for a question pls answer me for a question for mhxx switch eu and na or not if capcom say on this !!!!



If it is not released during the first half of this year, then I strongly doubt that it will be leaving Japan at all.

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Simple put: Soon? I highly doubt it. MH World is supposed to be the big title for us westeners and increase the series's appeal to us. A western release of XX would distract from that.

But given the Switch's success and Japan's focus on mobile gaming, it's only a question of time until a new MH for Switch is announced and I'd be surprised if that didn't come to the west. But it won't be soon.

You can always get yourself some yen and download it off of the japanese eShop. Sure, it's in japanese but if somebody sounds as desperate as yourself, it may just be worth a shot. There's even a demo online so you won't have to spent a single euro.

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okay thx waiting for the suprise westeren but e3 2018 ? or nintendo direct will be soon on feb i think should do nintendo direct for the westeren for it but its about do release for first monster hunter world then waiting for suprise this thing nintendo direct for in feb + you get achievement for sure in feb i think so for it for update 5.0.0 for update soon but monster hunter double cross will be tbh as capcom release it when will be come first the monster hunter world will be first out yet in jan 26 but as capcom will be release for westeren and europe too it i think will be suprise as nintendo direct




I wouldn't count on it. It's possible they localize it for summer/fall, but they wouldn't say anything until after World releases. I'd just count on it not coming.

But you can always import as I and a few others did. It's not that hard to play if you're a fan of the series, and we have a diverse range of tools to help cross the language barrier, such as a compilation of menu translations, EN/JP Kiranico database, Google Translate, and even referencing Generations on 3DS.

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but i have not language on translate on japan but japan its not easy for me but i can do english translate for the monster hunter double cross but i can't not understand im waiting for tbh on coming soon for sure and shake and im hoping im should be suprise on monster hunter double cross but i should not swear for it but as capcom said for release coming switch mhxx europe and na as capcom would do this or not



Capcom is just being weird with this game, I mean most of the game has already been localized before thanks to Generations. At this point if you're a MH vet you're better off just importing if you think you can deal with the language barrier. I'm not having that much trouble with it, there are tutorials out there to help you with menus and key stuff like skills and all that.

I honestly feel like they're still going to localize it between World's releases, if not around the time the PC release. You know, when no one will care about 4th gen anymore, lol.

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Have you ever knew about Japanese letters ?
Are you fans of Anime too ?
If you familiar with Anime, at least you had ever heard their speech and letters on Japanese. Otherwise, you'd better learn their letter.
Language Barrier can be so Tricky and can discourage you to not play the game, but don't give up. Learn from the Basic first: Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana is Traditional Japanese letters, their letters look like worm or quick graph of Chinese letters. Hiragana used for the things from originally Japan.
Meanwhile, Katakana looks like Sharp letters or Short version of Chinese letters. They used for spelling Foreign words by mostly spelling English letters, used as Capital letters of Hiragana words. I can say Katakana is the letter that you should know first before Hiragana and Kanji, the most difficult.
Kanji is is basically Chinese letters. Almost same with Traditional Chinese letters but Japan use the Long version of Chinese letters (Taiwan also use Long version). For Kanji, you Must memorized their shape and how to spell them in diferent condition, because Kanji mostly have TWO Different spelling. They are KunYomi and OnYomi. Kun is Japanese spelling while On is Chinese spelling. Let's say we want to say "East" in Japanese. In KunYomi we say "Higashi" but by OnYomi we say "Toh", because "Toh" is from Chinese word of "East", "Dong" (but we spell it Tong in Chinese)

Okay, if you still not eager to study Japanese due to lack of interest, the only way to play localized of XX by wait for Capcom announcement about USA or Europe version. But if you Really Really want to play that game so Bad, Language Barrier shouldn't Stop you enjoy the game. You'd better study Japanese language for something you Love about. Beside, learning foreign languages also has some benefits. Look at that Positive side.

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@Joeynator3000 Either that ground-up MH rumour is true, or they'll just miss out on Switch sales. I'll just buy myself World for PC



I’d love a localised MH: XX, but as many others have said it’s not going to happen any time soon with the release of World (which looks great!).

Hopefully somewhere down the line they’ll bring it over but I’m not holding my breath, I’ve only recently got the Switch, if I was to get it earlier I’d have imported the game.

I’m hoping along with many others that they’ll release the next installment that comes to the Switch over here in the West as I need Monster Hunter on the go!

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