Topic: Why release 2D games reliant on a traditional d-pad on a console without a traditional d-pad?

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To quote the AVGN

"Now, what's the most important aspect about any game? Well, being able to f***ing play it!"

and I can't play the three NeoGeo fighting games I downloaded because the Joycon is seriously horrible for 2D games, especially fighting games. I'd have downloaded more and also have bought Ultra SFII, only I'm hugely turned off by the controls. I'd have bought a traditional d-pad Joycon, only Nintendo hasn't announced one yet! "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?" to quote the AVGN again.

I am not modding my Joycons nor am I going to buy an overpriced classic controller and I prefer to use my Switch as a handheld than using the TV.

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Can't speak for fighting games as I've not tried them yet, but personally I find the joycon 'd-pad' more than adequate for 2D games like Sonic Mania (perhaps even better than some d-pads of the past).

Who knows, perhaps we'll see a joy-con with a proper d-pad in the future?

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Honestly, the Neo Geo fighting titles are among the few things that didn't benefit from separate buttons over the inclusion of a D-Pad. I'm sure they'll release one sooner or later, if just for those people who really want one.



Good point. A real d-pad is a very important feature that Switch is lacking as yet.

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I don't really understand this complaint. Don't your typical fighting game motions make more sense on a stick anyway? I mean, they were originally designed for bulky arcade sticks, and serious players still tend to prefer those over anything else.

Admittedly, though, I have not actually played any 2D fighters on Switch. But I can certainly play Sonic Mania with the stick just fine, at least.

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@Zyrac I prefer to play 2D fighters with a D-pad. Small sticks on controllers aren't as precise as those big ones from arcades.


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@Zyrac That's true to a certain extent. With fighting games, I find that the D-pad is easier to use for motions than controller sticks. It's easier to do diagonals on the D-pad. Although I've never used an arcade stick, so I'm not sure about those. But D-pad seems to be more precise for motions than controller sticks.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.



The d-pad on the pro controller isn't that good either. I'm glad I have a ps4 so I can play Mega Man Legacy Collection on it. The PS4 controller is significantly worse with 3D games though.



Zyrac wrote:

Don't your typical fighting game motions make more sense on a stick anyway? I mean, they were originally designed for bulky arcade sticks, and serious players still tend to prefer those over anything else.

There's still a huge difference between an actual arcade stick you can grip with your hand and a tiny little one you control with one thumb.

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"Why release shooters on consoles with only dual analog? Aim assist is not a fix nor an acceptable compromise to me."

I could say until I turned blue, but actually I'm happy to have more games on more platforms despite ideal control method. I bought DOOM for Switch and find the controls hardly bearable compared to mouse and/or gyro; however, I would rather have it on the Switch than not and obviously some people prefer dual analog as well. (Even if I will forever be annoyed if they never patch in gyro aim.)

The dpad thing is the same. Some will find it completely acceptable or maybe preferable while others will not. I don't have much of a problem with the joycons dpad, honestly... But then I have adapted to touch controls for platformers before as well (no, I don't like them, I do like to play games though... controls be damned).

All that said, I suggest a Pokken controller if you are seriously into the Neo Geo lineup, or 2D platformers and arcade games in general. It's perfect in every way other than being wired, which can be a bit of a nuisance. So I suppose if tabletop or docked are not ideal for you than it may not have much appeal, otherwise it's a great and cheap.




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