Topic: Who Pre-Ordered Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch?

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@Shizuelle here in Holland physical is also cheaper at online stores very often. Personally I'd prefer physical for most games, also because I can lend it out or resell a game that way.



Got my preorder for Dec. 7 and it's the ultimate with Pro controller plus another Pro controller. But I have a GCU so that made the choice easier as anything.



I always go for physical because I always trade in games I don’t like or play. It’s also cheaper where I live. So far the switch games I traded in are arms. Super bomberman r and rocket league although I had rocket league digitally too. Physical saves you more money in the long run, I must of sold/traded or exchanged over 20 wii u games now if I had them digitally I would of been stuck

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Heck, I didn't just pre-order the game, I pre-ordered the pro-controller. Which I got on Friday (didn't realize it came out earlier) and I am not even a big Smash fan.

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Pre-ordered it on Amazon a couple of months ago. Best part is that the game will be delivered right at the end of the school semester, meaning it'll be the perfect end-of-semester gift for me. Oh, and I also pre-ordered the special edition Pro Controller.

Hopefully Amazon doesn't mess up my order, though (they pulled through with my Super Mario Odyssey pre-order even when it looked like things were bleak, so I have hope). I MUST play Smash Ultimate on December 7th in one way or another.

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Typing this from my DSI this took like 8 hours to load



I have it downloaded, I got the Battle Pass, and I have redeemed my Piranha Plant DLC code....BRING IT ON, ONLY THREE FRIDAYS LEFT!

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@ReaderRagfish ah, the good ol days when netlix wasn't popular and people only used it on wii.....after checking the everybody votes channel that is.



Preordered about a month ago at GameStop.



Changed my mind about going out and getting the vanilla version on release day. Instead I ordered the limited physical edition with the Gamecube Controller and adapter which I may receive a couple days earlier. Will get the Fighters Pass DLC and Piranha Plant when the game arrives.

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Preordered the limited edition, now I can guess whether I'll get it on release day because the store is little more than a few makeshift registers surrounded by shelves with only the Absolute Most Important Things an electronics store must sell.

I don't really know why, but I guess it's good to have an additional controller in case I somehow manage to kidnap my sister for a Smash session. Individual joycons are terrible.


I'm waiting for Nintendo's permission to play it on my Switch.

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I pre-ordered it through GAME, but when i didn't get my pre-order for Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu till 3 days later than expected i cancelled my pre-order with them. Then managed to get another from ShopTo instead with better shipping. So i'm excited.

I should note i had pre-ordered the limited edition with the Gamecube Controller and Steele book case and still managed to get that one with ShopTo.

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I did, reluctantly. I didn't see much of a point. But Best Buy has the cool little collector's coin included for free. I know I wanted the physical version of the game, so why not? By time I thought to preorder the collector's edition, must retailers ran out of stock.

I am driving to my local Best Buy to get the game on release day. Best Buy isn't known for getting the game to you right on release day. I've heard it can often take another 1-2 days.

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I sorta want that coin as well...but I'm getting smash digitally.

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Pre-ordered through BB as well. Since I still have GCU, I got 20% off, the $10 rewards cert and the collector's coin. 😀

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I preordered from BB with my GCU which made a big difference when paying for it. I also did order a extra Pro controller as well.



Pre-ordered from Gamestop to get an awesome double-sided poster

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Got the bundle with the pro controller ordered but will probably preorder at gamestop as well to get the poster then just return it the next day.



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