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So, my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has this white stuff around the joysticks under the cap. What is this? Is it normal?



Is it smegma? Cos that's pretty normal.

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It's the rubbing of the plastic against the controller that causes this. I seen this happen on my controller. It's the stick rubbing against the circular port.



When reading reviews of the pro controller, lots of reviewers referred to it as cocaine. I definitely lol’ed. It’s plastic though so don’t snort it.

As expensive as the pro controller is you would think they would sort that out and fix it. Same with the d-pad issues. 😕



I’m pretty sure it’s just dust, often happens with my Pro Controller, you can remove it with your nails.

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Same happens to the sticks of my joysticks. Seems normal. I figured it was just cuz they used lower quality materials than usual.



Same thing happens to all my controllers since N64, even my Xbox One Elite controller. Use a qtip with rubbing alcohol (95% or higher so it evaps quick).


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It's dust. I'm sick of dealing with it. I should get some Q-Tips.

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I usually just run a micro fibre cloth around it, comes right off. Its happened with pretty much every controller ive ever owned.



Your Pro Controller is just greying with age. Dipping it in a can of black acrylic paint will have it looking 10 years younger.


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It is from the stick grinding on the circular ring. Nintendo decided to have the stick bottom out in the shell, and of course the shell comes to an edge.

@JackEatsSparrows N64 is different. It was caused by the bottom of the stick grinding in the bowl. I always live the bowls now with white lithium grease to prevent this.

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