Topic: Which Should I Get, Escapist 2 or Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

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I'm looking for a new game to play and these are the two that jumped out at me. Which one is the better game or the one you enjoyed the most?

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Monster Boy. I haven’t played either of them, but I have been told that Escapists 2 is much worse than the original. On the other hand, Monster Boy is a good spiritual successor and good game as a whole.

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They both have different graphics so alot depends on what kinda gameplay your looking to do. Everyone going to have different degree of opinions and some will play both or either one. I myself have both but haven't gotten around to playing them got Pokemon Go! and Smash to complete plus others backlogged that I need to catch up on as well. You should look for reviews online for both games to see what suits your gameplay. At least that way you see it in action to know which you would get the most out of.



Monster Boy is fantastic and is one of the first games I would recommend anyone buying on the Switch.



Monster Boy definitely @GamingTelescope. I'm playing it right now and have put in over 15 hours into it (47% of the game). I can't recommend it enough. It's a metroidvania rouge type of game you will die a lot but it's fair and always your fault you died (No Cheesy Deaths). But since you get to keep your coins and save point are frequent it's not bad at all.


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