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Does the story in LM 2 tie in with LM 3? I already played LM 1, but I dont have a 3ds. Will I miss anything if I play 3?



Other than the LM3 demo at E3, I don't think Nintendo revealed much about the plot. They're saving that juicy stuff for the game release. LM1 & LM2 both had their own intro story & tutorial, and it didn't matter which you played first, or if you only played one of them; Sort of like it doesn't matter which Mario Bros games you play, or their order they're played in. Nintendo knows many people didn't have Game Cube & 3DS, and they want everyone to be able to play it. Not having LM2 won't be a problem for you. You're good to go!

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You should be fine. I played Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon long before I played the first game...Well, the 3DS port. I don't recall the plots tying together in any way other than the fact that Luigi already understandably knows Professor E. Gadd in the second game.

Tl;dr: Play them in any order you like until we learn otherwise.

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