Topic: Where are my archived games saved?

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I need help!
Hey everyone, I created a account here because someone might help me.
So I had a 16gb microsd card in my Nintendo switch for all the downloadable games. But when I downloaded Skyrim 5 I realized 16gb wasn’t very much. But I didn’t really care and downloaded a bunch of games. But I kept archiving them because it said they would be saved. But now I have bought a 128gb microsd card. So do I just archive all my games and then take out my 16gb microsd card and then take in my 128gb card and download all games and everything will be saved? Or how does it work?

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Archived games are deleted, only the icon and save files are saved, they’re stored in your switch.

To move from one sd card to another, archive all your games and move all your pictures and videos (if you want to) to the system memory, then switch cards and redownload everything again. (And move back the pictures and videos to the sd card).

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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the only difference between delete and archieve is when you archieve it keeps the icon on your home screen

neither will delete your saves as game saves are stored seperate from the games themself

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