Topic: What's your top 10 characters wish-list for Switch Smash?

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

-Simon Belmont
-Shovel Knight
-Springman/Ribbon Girl
-one of the Metroid Prime Hunters characters
-Paper Mario
-Andy from Advance Wars

tbh, Isaac from Golden Sun is a better choice than half this list, i forgot him (just like nintendo haha )

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@Kinoen Heh. My username is little more than a joke. I saw someone make a list of pokemon, one per generation. Here's my picks.
Gen 1) Mewtwo (We'll quietly sweep Pikachu under the rug)
Gen 3) Blaziken
Gen 4) Darkrai
Gen 6) Greninja
Gen 7) Golisopod (Gotta represent your boy Guzma)
Gen 8) A starter Pokemon's final evolution
I don't mean to hate on Gens 2 and 5. I just genuinely believe they would be the generations that are skipped.



@Beedrill4Smash I mostly agree with what you have there. I'd love to see Pikachu gone haha

Generation 8 is a more interesting case. It's entirely possible they can tease gen 8 Pokemon by featuring it in Smash. Question is, does Pokemon Company have the forward thinking to do it?



@NotAceAttorney Considering Greninja was included before he exploded in popularity, and Corrin being playable in Smash before Fates released, Sakurai/the people making decisions on Smash are up for it.

The Pokemon Company? They're a little more questionable. I think it depends on how much we know of Pokemon Switch, mainly the starter's and their evolutions.

I highly doubt something from Pokemon would get revealed by Smash because they were announced as a fighter. Maybe whenever the game is showed off, they will unveil only a single starter's final evolution, and then pull an inklings on us. Unlikely, but a man can dream.

EDIT: Not being one big blob of text.

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Like many others here, I'd love to see Shovel Knight - although my favourite is actually Plague Knight (love his mask).

I'd also like all four champions from Zelda BotW, Rex from XC2, and Captain Toad is a great shout (he would instantly become my main).

It would be good to see more classic characters too, so I'll say Bub or Bob from Bubble Bobble.

Assuming we keep Mega Man (we better), Gunvolt would be a great foil. (Nobody cares about Beck!)

Finally, let's have Dorothy from SteamWorld Dig 2. Love those games.

Think that's more than 10...

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Shovel Knight
Paper Mario
Ice Climbers
Simon Belmont



If we get a character from Paper Mario and all they could think of was 'the paper version of Mario,' I quit.

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1.Bowie - Breath of Fire 2
2.Armored Protagonist - Big Sky Trooper
3.Youta - Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust
4. Izuna - Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja
5. Cherie Kalxath - Der Langrisser
6. Riesz - Seiken Densetsu 3
7. Mallow - Super Mario RPG
8. Caninu - Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
9. Nick - Captain Rainbow
10. Kai and Zero - Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero

and well many others............



1.) Imp Midna with Wolf Link as a special move like Wario's bike.
2.) Vivian (the aforementioned Paper Mario)
3.) Dark Samus with transformation into Metroid Prime for its final smash.
4.) Okami Amaterasu, just imagine that nature explosion final smash tho.
5.) Serana (Skyrim) with the stock Dohvakiin from the trailers serving as her vampire thrall and puppet character.
6.) Gandrayda (Metroid Prime) as another copycat character like Kirby.
7.) Actual Ganondorf
8.) Queen Rutela
9.) Darmani
10.) The Handler (Monster Hunter: World) because omegalul.

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1. Professor Layton
2. Shigeru Miyamoto (has an assortmant of DK, Mario, Link etc moves)
3. Lego Batman
4. Shovel Knight
5. Cranky Kong
6. Captain Toad
7. Sae Kurosawa (Fatal Frame)
8. Qbby (BoxBoy)
9. Excitebike Racer
10. Dr. Kawashima (Brain Training), I imagine him as a giant floating head!

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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@jump I'm somehow not surprised that you chose Professor Layton as your most wanted character

Here's my list, not in order:

  • Waluigi
  • Professor Layton
  • Yooka & Laylee
  • Funky Kong/Dixie kong (doesn't really matter, just a new DK character hahah)
  • Mallo (from Pullblox/Pushmo)
  • Rayman
  • Springman
  • A new Pokemon that will also be in Pokemon for the switch
  • Some weird character, connected to Nintendo Labo.
  • No new characters, but changes in movesets (Mario will lose his FLUDD ability in exchange for an ability with Cappy, Link will lose his boomerang in exchange for Rune abilities etc).

I tried my best to think of characters who also have a reasonable chance to become a Smash fighter. I think that it will be tough for Nintendo/Sora to decide which new character will be in the game, because as far as I know, almost every franchise in Nintendo's history has been covered in Smash 4. I think that a Ubisoft character like Rayman or the Rabbids will be in the game because of the recent developments between Ubisoft and Nintendo.

Edit: Somebody mentioned Wonder Red from Wonderful 101. Completely forgot about him, I remember suggesting him in the Smash 4 ballot. He would be an interesting fighter.

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Inklings confirmed, won't mention them.
Return Ice Climbers and Wolf. I won't put them on the list.

In no particular order:
King K. Rool (Donkey Kong series)
Decidueye (Pokemon)
Dr. Robotnik (Sonic)
Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (ARMS)
Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
Takamaru (The Mysterious Mursame Castle)
Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
Crash Bandicoot
Shovel Knight

Honorable Mentions:
Urbosa (Legend of Zelda BOTW)
Bomberman (Bomberman)
Lianna (Fire Emblem Warriors)
Tails (Sonic)
Zangief (Street Fighter)
Rayman (Rayman)
Black Shadow (F-Zero)

Side note: from BOTW, Beedle, Daruk, Mipha and Revali should be assist trophies.



1. Ken Masters
2. Snake
3. Blood Falcon
4. Goku
5. Crash Bandicoot
6. Paula (From EarthBound)
7. Ice Climbers
8. Crono (From Chrono Trigger)
9. Shantae
10. Waluigi

Momoko Hanasaki is such a cutie!

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I'd love to see some indie love, specifically Shovel Knight forever and ever. I'd also like to see Crono get some love, as well as Simon Belmont. Castlevania was such an iconic title, only makes sense that he'd get included!

I'd also very much like to never ever see Ridley as a playable character

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Can we have Daisy? Please? I felt like it was so unfair that Rosalina got in but Peach still wears her Daisy colors.

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@TheTetrisGuy Yesss, some Mike Jones love would be DOPE. Along with a Coracola level.

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Shovel Knight, Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. Especially Phoenix Wright. The entire game could be an absolute mess but if he's in it I will be more than happy



2) Sports Daisy
3) Waluigi
4) Dark Samus
5) Groose
6) Melia
7) Chrono
8) Neku (TWEWY)
9) Lloyd Irving
10) Phoenix Wright

11) Prof Layton

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It's looking more and more unlikely seeing as he hung up his hat years ago, but I still want Professor Layton in Smash. Failing that, I hope they give us Waluigi and someone from ARMS (Byte and Barq would be my choice but Spring Man and/or Ribbon Girl would be more likely)

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