Topic: What games have you downloaded on your Switch? Who supports the digital gaming scene?

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Ultra Street Fighter II
The King of Fighters '96
The King of Fighter's '98
The King of Fighter's '99
Waku Waku 7

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Depends on the game, like Xenoblade I bought physically...If it's eShop only (like the rest of my games, lol) or an import like MHXX, then I'll get it digitally.

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Just Plantera, Stardew Valley and Sniperclips. Haven't had much time or money to download games, two of those I actually bought them several months ago before I had a switch of my own.

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ACA NEOGEO: Blazing Star
Blaster Master Zero
Fast RMX
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
The Mummy Demastered
Pinball FX3
Resident Evil: Revelations HD
RIVE: Ultimate Edition
Stardew Valley
Toki Tori 2+ (pre-load)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Also plan on downloading Detention and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 in March!



I have bought all my games in digital version. I totally support digital version of games and contents. Physical version are better only if you are going to give somebody else a present, because giving something physical as a present is a lot more nice. Otherwise digital version is always the better choice in my opinion.

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Physical gets priority for me (I have Mario Odyssey, DB Xenoverse 2, Xenoblade 2, MK8D, Zelda, & Fire Emblem Warriors all physical).

However, I don't turn my nose up at digital only games. I have Shantae (which didn't have a physical U.S. version at the time), Kamiko, Pinball FX3, Stern Pinball Arcade (again, no physical copy in the U.S., at least when I got it), and Zero Gunner 2 downloaded.


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So far I have these -
Guns, Gore and Cannoli
Ultra Street Fighter2
Pinball FX 3
Stern Pinball
Sonic Mania
Rocket League

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So far I have downloaded:
Stern Pinball Arcade
Crazy Climber
Resident Evil 2 (code from physical bundle)
Rocket League
Human Fall Flat
Insult Simulator
Little Inferno
NBA Playgrounds
Escapists 2
SteamWorld Dig 2
Sonic Mania
Fast RMX
Shovel Knight Specter of Torment
Stardew Valley
Portal Knights
Snake Pass
Jackbox Party Pack 4
Graceful Explosion Machine
Use Your Words
BotW Season Pass

I download them if it's download only or only available to download at launch. Everything else is always retail versions, even if the price is higher.


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Unless there are exceptional circumstances, I never buy digitally if the price is over £10.

I've made one exception on Switch, and that was for Rocket League, an exceptional game.

I might have made other exceptions in Yr 1 just out of hype for my new Switch, but none of the 3 games I've been waiting for - Hollow Knight, Owlboy and Runner 3, got their act together quick enough in that first 6 months when I was ripe for exploitation. Now I've got 8 physical games that could see me happy for several years, so I'm finding it easier to wait for big eshop reductions.

So the only other digital purchses made have been:

Stardew Valley
Samurai Shodown IV
Chess Ultra
Oxenfree (sale)
Forma.8 (sale)

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Yep, digital all the way. Too many games to list but have two 400gb cards that are almost full.



Actually, i prefer Physical retail than digital download since i'm a collector too.
But, only Portal Knights and Flip Wars are my Digital download games right now.
I will buy the Physical retail of Portal Knights once it out for USA version.

My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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For home consoles I don't really care, but retail is usually cheaper. For portable consoles (including Switch) I have started buying all of my games digitally, I just like having all of my games accessible at all times. I can't afford tons of games so I only buy really good games, so I never need to trade in a or resell something.

PS Vita has really good deals on digital games but memory cards cost more than they are worth, so physical copies are useful in those situations. Slowly swapping games to and from my PC isn't great either!

Overall I'm for buying games digitally, I like the boxes and cool art but they take up a lot of space after the years. Lots of boxes aren't that great these days anyway, digital just makes more sense.
...I also don't see why I should wait for bad delivery or spend money on a train ticket to go to a store that might not even sell the game I want. It's just not worth it most of the time.



Sonic Mania
Rocket League
Pinball FX3
and Night In the Woods


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Nothing for my Switch so far... None of the eshop games are interesting for me :X

Planning to get Hollow Knight though.


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Nights of Azure 2, This Is the Police, Oh Sir...The Hollywood Roast, and Mario Odyssey.

And planning on downloading Joe Dever's Lone Wolf once Lent is over and This Is The Police 2 when that comes out. ...And maybe Kirby Star Allies and SNK Heroines depending on the file size(s).

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2 x physical games - DOOM & FIFA
90 x digital games - too much, I know

I'll be adding Layers of Fear and Samurai Aces in the next couple of days.

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I mainly do digital when it's the only means of picking a game up-usually with indie titles that wouldn't cost as much. No major reason, I just prefer physical when I can get it. I do usually go out of my way to make sure I pick up new copies, so as to make sure I'm supporting the company, which is one upside of digital-no need to worry about the devs getting cash, since buying used games digitally isn't possible.

Can't remember off of the top of my head, but I know I have Stick it to the Man and Strikers 1945, possibly a few more. Whatever it is, combined with physical games, it's more than I can currently get through.



I prefer physical as I can then resell at some point to pay towards new games.



Mainly a physical gamer but can totally comprehend some of the advantages offered by digital (and the bigger aspect on how it lets more niche and indie titles visible and able to be released).

My digital titles are all retro or indie titles; although if there is a later physical release of one I downloaded I will buy to act as a physical back-up and shelf piece.



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