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@DarkRula Like everything else involving the Switch, it's so snappy and convenient to use.



I love taking videos and screenshots.

And yes, it is much more convenient than on the Xbox. That one gives you better options, but you need to access the menu and stop what you’re doing. So you often have me fumbling about in a scramble trying to choose the right option to record something and hoping the game stops and waits for me.

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@Tsurii I guess it probably helps that I virtually never use any kind of social media service. I made a twitter account for the occasional giveaway and to share some of my Switch screenshots on here (I would have posted them on Miiverse if that was still a thing), but I never actually participate in anything.



Oh dude, you’re talking to the king of screenshot abuse 😁

I’ve dumped 5 SD cards full of screenshots already, every time I upgrade. I’ve probably got 20,000 - 25,000 screenshots since before launch.

Let’s put it this way. I have 2,477 pics and 228 vids just in the last 3 months alone! Cause I started fresh with my 1TB microSD.

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Jesus is Lord.

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I have over 1000 but that’s kids taking screenshots accidentally. I delete it all and they manage to screenshot more especially if 4 players play together on one console

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Rgt85 announced a new arcade style wrestling game RetroMania coming to switch. Looks like a classic throwback to the 16bit wrestling games. Hawk and animal are playable!



@Ralizah I do it too! So very guilty here! Though Splatoon is my worst culprit by far. I think i have battle results screens of, probably thousands of battles. Do i ever look so any of it? No. But i still keep taking screens of so my games like crazy. Way more than with other consoles for some reason.



I usually only use screenshots for rewards (e.g. maximum community reward in Torna) and stuff to do with the Odyssey picture hints.


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It's instinctual for me at this point to hit the screenshot button anytime anything remotely interesting is happening on screen.



Since I have a capture card, I've been able to record all of my gameplay without any 30 second caps, so I can record as long as I want for anything. But that also takes up a TON of space lmao.

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Grumblevolcano wrote:

I usually only use screenshots for rewards (e.g. maximum community reward in Torna) and stuff to do with the Odyssey picture hints.

That’s pretty much all I do, too. Victory Royale, encountering MewTwo, beating 9.9.


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I have so many Switch screenshots, it's ridiculous. I have far less on my PS4, since, it's way more intrusive to do so as other people have pointed out.



I haven't used the screenshot/video function as much lately but I do like it. Most of my screenshots and videos consist of Splatoon 2 and Tetris 99 results, FFX cutscenes, Stardew Valley notes, bugs that I've encountered in various games and all kinds of Xenoblade 2 screenshots.

I programmed a simple tool that copies all Switch screenshots from an SD card and places them to folders according to the game:

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Oh yeah, the Switch is capable of taking screenshots and video. Always forget that. I honestly don't understand the point in the feature and see it as a waste of space and time. The only reason I ever get reminded of it is when I occasionally press the capture button by accident.

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I've got a few hundred screenshots on my Switch. 90% of them are from other people accidentally taking pictures during Mario Party or something.

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Don't forget there's only a few days left for buying the game vouchers.


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Wow, YoungBlood looks awful on Switch. Can't wait to see how Doom Eternal looks like.

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@Ralizah The Switch definitely fits snappy and convenient. Should be used in the marketing.

@Morpheel And sometimes it decides to not even get thirty seconds. I'd made a great push in Battlefront 2 as Rey, clearing quite a lot of the attackers within the palace of Naboo. All within thirty seconds, mind. I then succumbed to zero health, and decided to hit that capture button on the home screen. The only thing it had saved was that death screen before the transition to the spawn screen - five seconds worth of time.


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Smash presentation for July 30th:

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That gives me just enough time to finish Mario Maker 2's story mode as I'm guessing Hero and 4.0 will drop later Tuesday night.

I'm sure we'll get the next batch of Mii costumes (DQ Slime hat and the return of the Chocobo costumes seem inevitable) and hopefully the return of Stadium mode.

Probably too soon to reveal the next fighter. That's probably a September Direct announcement.

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