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Looking at that list, I predict Spyro will do great on Switch and any future Crash games will almost certainly come to Switch.



@Tangerine The quality of that Luigi's Mansion 3 boxart will look amazing on any shelf! I can't wait for that game!



@Galarian_Lassie It should be pointed out that the list includes digital data for those that participate. Notably, digital data for Minecraft and Bethesda's titles aren't provided.

Minecraft would almost assuredly be #1 and Skyrim would probably be top 5 if digital data for those titles was included.

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With Crash Team Racing coming out in a few days, I think we'll be in for another summer of Crash dominating the UK charts.


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@Matthew010 "The quality of that Luigi's Mansion 3 boxart will look amazing on any shelf! I can't wait for that game!"

Sad that the boxes for Switch games are that small because the cover deserved a bigger one.

If the Wii U had been a success, we'll get the cover on a big box already... Yeah Luigi's Mansion 3 is a Wii U game ( BTW they had to remove all the special ideas that used the gamepad because the Switch doesn't support dual-screens )



So, I was planning on giving Bloodstained a pass at launch, but EVERYTHING I've heard about it so far on the grapevine has ranged from positive to positively ecstatic. The general consensus seems to be that the game is a worthy successor to Order of Ecclesia and the Castlevania brand more broadly.

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@Ralizah yea I've seen tons of great stuff myself. Might grab it first or second week of July. Might be on sale Amazon by then too.



@CanisWolfred Monkey paw wish granted?

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@Ralizah i saw that. After i get my fill of Mario maker 2 I'll grab it. I'm not grabbing anything releasing in July so I'll have some free time. My next big purchase is astral chain



not grabbing anything releasing in July

Notable July Releases
Red Faction Geurilla ReMARstered
God Eater 3
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Wolfenstein Youngblood
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Fire Emblem Three Houses

Bold move. Even if I skipped DQ Builders, Wolfenstein and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, there’s not enough money in the world that could stop me from playing Fire Emblem Three Houses the day it drops. I’ll be scheduling vacation from work for that release. I think of nothing else now. Day and night I dream of playing that game.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a video game since Monster Hunter World nearly 2 years ago.

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Honestly the most notable Nintendo thing going on in July is Splatocalypse.

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@JaxonH none of them are really my type of game, maybe marvel ultimate alliance but that's it for me. The game I'll be possibly taking off for is links awakening.

And maybe wolfenstein. Not sure yet

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Yeah I had forgotten about Red Faction until I saw it in the eShop this evening. Had loads of fun on 360 with it, so I’ll keep an eye on reviews.


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the icon for Hellblade was changed in an update today.

Tbh I didn’t mind he original icon, but the new one is pretty nice.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 isn't just my most anticipated July release, it's my most anticipated 2019 release.

Been playing some of my older Dragon Quest games again because I'm in the DQ mood. Just beat 3 and 8 today and plan to play 1 and 2 tomorrow or Friday. And I really want to track down a PS1 copy of 7 because I was such a big fan on 3DS, but I don't think I'll be able to beat that one in time

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@Ralizah Dude, I literally just beat Bloodstained right now after around 10 hours of gameplay. It REALLY IS PHENOMENAL. I'm already itching to 100% the rest of the game, do a NG+ run, and then start a new playthrough on Hard and then eventually Nightmare (both are locked at the start, and Nightmare is still locked for me at the moment).

It uses Aria/Dawn of Sorrow as the base while mixing in some neat mechanics from Symphony of the Night (command inputs and ability to aim some weapons diagonally down) and channels Order of Ecclesia's difficulty.

$40 is a perfectly fine price for anyone else wondering btw. Considering that the GBA/DS games all launched at $35 back then, what you get in Bloodstained FAR surpasses the GBA/DS games' production values, and even though it's slightly lesser in overall content, like how Zangetsu Mode (which is basically Julius/Sisters/Richter/Albus Mode) isn't in yet, this is 100% worth anyone's money if you love Castlevania and/or Metroidvanias.

Also at least on PC, I can't get over how good this game looks and runs allowing for uncapped framerates! Cutscenes are unfortunately janky with very stiff and C-grade animations, but gameplay graphics/animation is just a solid 9.5/10 with only a tiny few weird animations on some enemies that don't hold up.

Easily top 5 game of 2019. So damn happy. Definitely will double-dip for Switch when I get the chance. This deserves all of my money.

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As a Switch physical collector July is brutal. The North American releases alone are all pretty stellar. But this doesn't include exclusive releases from Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, boutique publishers, independent publishers, etc. For me, it's a budget-busting month, so I'll have to be a bit more selective than I'd like to be.

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God Eater 3
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Enter the Gungeon
Cities Skylines
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Raiden V
Kill La Kill
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Horizon Chase Turbo
Mutant Year Zero

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