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RR529 wrote:

One of those Sword Art Online RPGs has appeared in the coming soon section of the US eShop. Anyone know if the games are decent?

Looking at the metacritic for the PS4 release they're average action/rpg affairs. It looks like Ys VIII, Dragon's Dogma, Diablo III, MHGU, and Dark Souls are a cut above the SAO games.

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@Magician, looks about a 7 critically (and 7.5 from players), so still pretty good then.

While they are RPGs, games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, & Diablo are completely different beasts in terms of vibe & style, so I'd expect it to get more competition from the likes of the Xenoblades, Final Fantasies, Shining Resonance Refrain, and (as you said) YS VIII, which is still quite a hill to climb.

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Anyone else get access to the closed beta for Mario Kart Tour? It's actually pretty good. Not as good as the actual thing on Switch naturally, but good. Will definitely be one of their better mobile releases so long as the IAPs in the full version aren't too invasive.

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Retail release for YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World in October. It's kinda funny that the PS4 version is the one that gets the saucy poster, but an extra downloadable game is a better bonus anyway.

Apparently one of the CGs is censored in both the Switch and PS4 versions.

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@Ralizah unrelated but i played a few stages of bloodlines and im loving it so far. Have you fired it up yet?



@NintendoByNature I haven't actually purchased the collection yet (still trying to work through my existing library completely before adding to it). But I am quite familiar with Bloodlines, being a huge fan of the Genesis and its library. Glad you're enjoying it!

I'll probably end up getting the collection anyway for Kid Dracula, but I'm still mulling over getting a Genesis Mini, which will include Bloodlines as one of its epic 40 games selection.



@Ralizah ah gotcha. I think it's worth 20. And yea I'm kinda mulling over the genesis mini too. Problem is I'm running out of space. Got the nes and snes classic, a Wii a Wii u a switch and a gamecube all hooked up to two tvs.. and an n64 in another room. So yea lol well see how I feel when it launches



@NintendoByNature Man, those are some busy TVs. For me, the concern is about the hardware and emulation quality. While it seems obvious that Sega is being more careful with this retro console, they don't have a fantastic record on that front, and I want confirmation that the emulation is high-quality before buying. I also hope they don't have short cords like the controllers for the Nintendo retro systems.

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@Ralizah yep I feel the pain lol. Got rid of my ps4 recently which was hooked up to one of the tv's too so it was even more chaotic. As for the genesis mini I think it's a safe bet this go round. I got that AT games one a while back and what hot garbage that was. Hopefully a lesson was learned



Ugh the tv/cable management is such a pain. By the time I move I'll have to have 3 set up. 1 CRT, 1 LCD (that has legacy ports) and one 4k or 8k depending on how much I buy into the hype.

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I got sick of all the cords and multiple TVs long ago. Now I just have a Switch. But I live vicariously through the rest of you 😂

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I still have the tube tv for the n64 but I don’t know how long for. Wife wants me to throw it away. It’s hiding in a wardrobe.

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I use an old TV for my older consoles. I need to get one of those AV switcher boxes, because it's a pain switching cords.

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Hey guys,

First time poster. In a bit of a pickle, hoping some long time Switch players can give me some advice.

Most of you are probably well informed of the rumours about the new Switch models that are supposedly coming this year. Nintendo have denied any sort of hardware announcement at E3. Which brings me to my issue -

Do I buy a Switch now or continue to hold off until Nintendo announces their rumoured refreshes? I've been waiting since Feb/Mar for something concrete but still nothing has been confirmed so unsure how much longer I'm going to have to be waiting.

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@Diogenes As of right now there's only rumors with no concrete evidence to back them up and Nintendo isn't saying anything about the subject. Take that as you will, BUT if you still have doubts i would until E3 or until the upcoming months are over. Knowing Nintendo unpredictability they can announce it out of nowhere or in a later direct.

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Thank you @MsJubilee

If Nintendo announced new hardware tomorrow but it was still 4-5 months away from hitting shelves, I'd still buy a Switch before then. Waiting to see what happens between now and E3 is a good suggestion.

I'm sure we would have seen leaks before now if stores were anywhere near close to stocking new consoles.



@Ralizah Pretty sure I read somewhere that M2 is doing the emulation for the Genesis Mini so the quality should be good.

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God Eater 3 is up for predownload on the Japanese EShop. Download size is 11.5 GB.

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@Diogenes I wouldn't sat wait until E3 since Nintendo bas already said they are only talking software there.

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