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The demo has made me very optimistic for Yoshis Crafted World. I thought Wooly World was one of the best games on the Switch and this looks really promising.

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@WebHead With Nintendo footing the bills we dont need to worry about Platinum. As for the guy leaving, he was there for 13 years. Maybe he just wanted to move on.

A guy leaving isnt indicating anything bad. That happens all the time.

As for Babylon, when we see that again depends on the publisher, SquareEnix, and you know how they are with timely news.

Besides, MIA isnt the right term given we first heard about the game at E3 2018, and we arent even in March yet.

We dont need to hear about everything all the time. Take less caffeine and sleep more. I struggle with anxiety too but I cope by looking to the next day and not worrying about things I have no stock or influence in.

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Captain toad treasure tracker co op 2 players works great and makes it feel much easier but also hard at the same time depending on the people you play with. Great game to play with the family. Game feels so much complete. Can’t wait for the dlc

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Finally managed to pull myself away from Tetris 99 to try the Yoshi demo. It's really charming.

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IceClimbers wrote:

My best guess for that empty May slot is Detective Pikachu HD to tie in with the release of the movie.

It'll get announced along with the Gen 8 reveal in an upcoming Pokemon Direct. Would explain the absence of a big May title in yesterday's Direct.

Could be Town (I forgot about that in the list of 2019 exclusives) and that gets showed alongside Pokemon Gen 8 as both are Game Freak.

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@Grumblevolcano I think Town is a proper Nintendo game. The only reason Pokemon does its own thing is because of The Pokemon Company, but Town doesn't have anything to do with TPC.




Was not interested in Yoshi at all, I’ve never played any of the previous games going back to the SNES but the demo has me sold too, really looking forward to it.



@Octane Nah, that's probably not true. Keep in mind, GameFreak's published games on other systems recently, so they're still a 3rd party developer when it comes to anything other than Pokemon.

Edit: My point being GameFreak's free to put it elsewhere, I agree that it won't happen in a Pokemon Direct.

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@link3710 If you're talking about that elephant game, it is because it was a digital game, so Game Freak could be the ''publisher''. Nintendo is the publisher for Town, so it's really a Nintendo thing. It's like how Nintendo doesn't own HAL, but they do own Kirby, so Ninty gets to decide when and where to show Kirby.



Is Town even getting a retail release?

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@Octane I heavily assumed Town was digital only from the way it's been advertised. Didn't know NIntendo was officially publishing it either.



So for this year, things I want;

  • Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Fire Emblem The Three Houses
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Astral Chain
  • Link’s Awakening

And there will be more. I’m good.



@Sadist I'm thinking since we haven't heard any news on the 3 resident evil games coming yet. It's going to be end of the year thing with all 3 games in a bundle at retail. I'm sure they'll have the ability to purchase each one individually like revelations was.



IceClimbers wrote:

Is Town even getting a retail release?

I think it will be Physical release.

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I just played the Daemon X Machina prototype missions, and man is this game fun!

All I kept hearing on reddit was complaints, and “I didn’t like it” and things of that nature. I don’t know what those people are on because this game is freaking awesome. Sometimes I think there are certain people who are used to Western AAA games, and when they play a game like this it’s completely underwhelming to them. Same thing happened with Xenoblade 2. People played Zelda BotW, and then got caught in the hype for Xenoblade 2, and hated it. But for people who play those types of games it was amazing. And it kinda feels the same here.

All I know is I love it. I had low expectations going in because of the reactions I had read from others. But I’m glad I played it for myself.

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Jesus is Lord.

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@JaxonH I'm going to pick it up for sure. I will say I wish the sound effects were beefier.

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@JaxonH The thing to do with Reddit is just ignore 99% of what people say, because it's always complaints about something, They never seem happy. Luckily, they aren't the majority of Nintendo fans, let alone owners so the game isn't going to live or die by their misery. But I do really love the look of the game though I don't have time to try the demo - way too much to play right now.



All I know is, the demo pushed quite a lot of cut scenes on me to begin with, when all I wanted to do was get into the mech and test out the handling. Thankfully the cutscenes were skippable.

So I finally get into the game proper... I got about half a second to think 'Oh, the handheld graphics are a bit ropey' and then it immediately crashed. Can't remember another Switch game crashing on me yet.

Haven't bothered trying it again yet. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer on any game, but this wasn't a great first impression.

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I've seen alot of mixed information on the game. Either really good or really bad. I'll try the demo soon and see what all the fuss is about



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