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Just had a thought about Killer Queen Black, a game I'd completley forgot about until 5 minutes ago. It's strange that it's taken a game like that so long to release after Nintendo giving it a big E3 reveal. I think the reason it's taking so long is because it's going to be another exclusive Switch Online game like Tetris 99.

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Heck what about Hawaii shakedown. Wasn't there some news about the game recently? But I still don't remember a release date for it, am I right ?

Edit: the game was announced forever ago and still isn't out..

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I forgot about bullet age too. Was supposed to come out last November. Hope to hear more about the release date of that



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I hope there is a good indie game, I don't buy very many of those.


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@OorWullie Latest update on that is it got delayed until Q3, and will also be coming to Xbox One in Q4. Pretty sure with crossplay too.

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30 minutes of indies is actually more than I expected. Wonder what they cooked up?

Hope it's not a lot of filler though. And I wonder how they'll be ran without Damon Baker.

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@EvilLucario It's the longest one yet:
Spring 2017 - 18 minutes
Summer 2017 - 22 minutes
Spring 2018 - 12 minutes
Summer 2018 - 16 minutes


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Maybe Bowser will come hang out for this one?
I'd like to see Double Fine bring some more games over to Switch


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If you could all mention how huge a Super Monkey Ball fan you are that would be amazing...

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Just took the survey myself

Told them I owned no other platforms except Switch, and didnt buy Yakuza and Shenmue, etc because I didnt own the platform.

Cause there was no "I own the platform but am not interested in games on it anymore" option. Plus, telling them you own another platform gives them license to say "oh, well in that case you can just buy the games there- no new sale from this guy if we brought to Switch" which just isnt valid. Easier to spell it out in terms they can understand-

Switch = new sale
No Switch = lost sale

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@JaxonH I told them I don't own Switch, and I want to see everything on PC, PS4 and Xbox, just to even out your vote



@SamusLv7 btw I saw somewhere on this thread you asking if you should get hollow knight. Judging by your metroid credentials I think you'd enjoy hollow knight. I struggle with it myself but that's because I'm not that great at metroidvanias as you know. It's always on sale for $10 but even at $15 i think you'll like it 😆




Yup, same here.

I'm hoping for some Valkria Chronicles, Phantasy Star and Shinobi goodness. Would be nice to get VC 2 and 3, the latter of which has never left Japan.

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I was upset that the survey didn’t go in depth asking me about virtua fighter. You think you are funny SEGA but you aren’t.

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