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Old or not. I'm stoked for the resident evil games coming to switch. I think all 3 are supposed to release this year. Id love to know if they'll be spread out or in a package deal for $60



JaxonH wrote:

And he says Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming,.

I wonder how many times we heard this before?

There is no doubt in my mind that Nintendo is filled with a bunch of sadists,letting their fans search through every nook and cranny for any information on upcoming Switch titles, info that may or may not be true is truly sadistic.

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Played popular game

Didnt like popular game

Conclusion: popular game plays like trash



If games are available elsewhere is not a relevant issue. They will be available on Switch too and because of it will broaden the portfolio. More games means a better reason to pick up a Switch.

Btw, don’t go the “Well western games are garbo anyway” route. Granted, I tend to prefer games from Japan as well, but I do realize those are my personal tastes.

In regards to Nintendo releasing info... I guess some of you never experienced their days during the early nineties; in terms of communication, while there is always room for improvement, Nintendo is loads better than it was. They already confirmed a lot of games for this year and well, they will need to keep some cards close to the chest. Can’t have your competitors know everything about the new fiscal year.



Oh and in regards to Metroid Prime Trilogy, I believe it. She isn’t the first one to say it exists, with others backing it up. Including King Zell on Era and his information in the past has been spot on.



@EvilLucario I have enjoyed Souls as much as the next man but writing off western gaming as being mediocre because a few games haven't appealed to you would be like me writing off eastern games because I wasn't satisfied by the depth of combat in a mosou game I mean that would be well within your rights to do so isn't my place to tell you what to like but western games can be as creative and engaging as eastern.

Anyway my point is would be nice to be able to play western and eastern games on one console like PS4 owners can. JRPG fans can enjoy Madden after all

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Did you all know that The Witcher 3 is the worst game of all time?



@Octane only Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 is worse than Witcher 3.



Therad wrote:

@Octane only Pikmin, Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 is worse than Witcher 3.

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I really do think the MP4 issues kinda messed up their calender year plans. And right now things are being changed around as to the lineup.


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@Ralizah yeah I just read it too! Among those are the games that got me (somewhat) into RPGs back in the days! I'll probably pick up Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights somewhere along the line. Not too long ago I was considering to post something in the recommendations thread asking for something like that, but then I drowned in everything I still have to play.



@WebHead Yeah, the theory of Prime 4 and Prime Trilogy at Game Awards 2018 with latter releasing in February 2019 seems like it could've happened and then the restart means there's no reason to release Prime Trilogy this year so we'll probably see it delayed by around the same number of months as Prime 4.

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@Ralizah Wow, I've always wanted to try Baldur's and Neverwinter Nights, guess this is my chance.



Awesome, those would certainly be great to bring over to consoles.

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Out on the nintendo front it is silent... Reggie looks at the sky. What is he thinking?

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WhatwhatWHAAAT?!!? The entire Black Isle + Bioware catalog except for Fallout pretty much is coming to console?!? This is INSANE news! How did anyone manage to work out the rights nightmare of the skeleton of Interplay?!

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