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I concur with diwdiws, freda1025 is an ad for an online game site, nothing more

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Who's freda. I see no fredas here.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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@Yosheel They certainly weren't afreda getting banned!

Ba dum tss

Still waiting for Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3

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it's a mystery for everyone.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@IceClimber No surprise here except to anyone who thinks the game wouldn't sell because "I dont like it, itll fale like the mascot platformer that none will buy becuz its on 3ds XD"

Going nowhere at all...


Reading now it was including shipments. Which makes a lot more sense. I was going to say if that was all digital the game would have to have done insane numbers.

Poor reporting on behalf of NintendoEverything in the initial article mentioning it.

Still, even 1 mil altogether in 3 weeks fantastic for such a title, and it's surely well on its way to 2 mil by now.

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Yeah I remember the game selling 1 million total 3-4 weeks after release. 4 million for a niche JRPG like that would absolutely be phenomenal. Even Persona 5 and Nier: Automata didn't sell 4 million.

Make no mistake though, 1 million is still very good sales for JRPGs. And honestly we need more games that can make enough money rather than only have games that can barely scrape by (some indies) or need to make all the money (a lot of AAA games).

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Remember when Bravely Default sold well in America and Square Enix was shocked that Square Enix releasing a well regarded turn based RPG made money? One of the dumbest things ever. It would be like if Nintendo was surprised they made money selling a platformer.

An HD meets SNES looking turned based RPG made by Square Enix, that was marketed really well, having great sales on a console where everything seems to have great sales...shouldn't be that surprising. Is that just me?

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Nintendo was suspiciously quiet on their online service.



Mrtoad wrote:

@JaxonH I remember having a lot of fun with the LEGO Star Wars Trilogy back on Wii, I’d love to see a Switch port and see if it’s as good as I remember it to be.

I've been playing LEGO Star Wars on and off with my kids recently. Lots of fun (the 'Jedi's Destiny level in RotJ was a particularly nice surprise), but I referred to guides to work out what we're meant to be doing more often than I would have liked. We don't need our hands holding, but sometimes there are moments where progress in a level is locked off and it's less than obvious what you need to do to trigger the unlock.

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Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix is coming to switch in the west on November 8, 2018
could be interesting.

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Who would want to be identified as a false Phoenix? It basically means "If you kill me I won't come back!".

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@Yosheel "who would want to be a false phoenix ???"
a person who wants to be reborn as plant food I guess, people ash is great plant food

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From Nintendo Everything:

Earlier this month, Marvelous announced that it will be bringing Fate/Extella Link to Switch in Japan. XSEED has now followed up with news confirming that it will be released in North America.

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@JaxonH Even if it is all digital (there's conflicting information) keep in mind Octopath Traveler suffered from massive stock shortages on release, so the normal ratio wouldn't hold.



If there's a Smash Ultimate demo, I hope the character selection is better than the 3DS demo. Bring in more interesting characters like Shulk into the demo.


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This quarters numbers of Switch and PS4 sales are up now, and it's neck in neck:

This quarter 86.1 million
Last quarter 82.2 million
= 3.9 million PS4 sold

This quarter 22.86 million
Last quarter 19.67 million
= 3.19 million Switches sold

It's good for the whole industry if all consoles sell a lot, but it's also very nice that the Switch is gaining on it's competition.



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