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Yeah, it's nice and snappy - if a little on the 'characterless' side - just missing that classic 'Nintendo charm' ..nothing a few decent downloadable themes couldn't fix, I agree Make it happen, Nintendo!

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I've never seen it as an issue but with that said I felt the same about the Wii U gamepad. I guess it's just the way I tend to play games lends itself to not really draining the battery. And even if I did it's usb type c so I'm always going to have a charger on hand unlike the 3ds.

Do they lack soul? Yes, definitely. But at the same time menus and shops are just thing that get in the way. The eshop in particular is just something that gets between you wanting a game and playing it. I'd take the in and out in five seconds of the Switch eshop over the long load times and animated download bars of previous versions any day.

Hopefully it'll come with the launch of Switch content on My Nintendo

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Quick question. I play mostly docked and have been pretty happy with the various joycon setups. In your opinion is the pro controller worth it for the improvments it brings or am I just as well saving the money and using the grip??

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@bluemage1989 Depends really, I had no problems with the joycons till I played Splatoon. My hands are small yet they cramped up really bad. After buying a pro controller it's so comfortable I use it 90% of the time. If you have a chance to check one out for a good price I would invest in one especially if you play mostly docked.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.

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bluemage1989 wrote:

Quick question. I play mostly docked and have been pretty happy with the various joycon setups. In your opinion is the pro controller worth it for the improvments it brings or am I just as well saving the money and using the grip??

Joy con Grip.

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Nintendo Switch UK eShop Charts - 05/03/2018

Numbers in brackets are previous positions based on: 02/03/2018 (Unless they haven't moved)

1: Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Up from 2nd)
2: Stardew Valley (Up from 3rd)
3: Bayonetta (Down from 1st)
4: Rocket League (Up from 5th)
5: Arcade Archives: VS. Super Mario Bros (Up from 6th)
6: Celeste (Up from 7th)
7: Bayonetta 2 (Down from 4th)
8: NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition (50% OFF) (Up from not charting!)
9: Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (NEW) (Up from 10th)
10: Sonic Mania (Up from 11th)
11: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Down from 9th)
12: Human Fall Flat (Up from 13th)
13: Overcooked: Special Edition (Down from 10th)
14: Super Mario Odyssey
15: PayDay 2 ( NEW) (Up from not charting)

So, Bayonetta begins her fall after a few weeks, being replaced by the usual ever present Arcade Archives, Rocket League, Stardew and Minecraft.

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@Peek-a-boo I love my Switch, but there are a few puzzling omissions.

  • Where's the activity log?
  • Why doesn't the system have downloadable themes? After how well those seemed to go over on 3DS, you'd think Nintendo would be all over that.
  • The lack of folders or any kind of organizational system is stupid. This stuff should have been there in year one.
  • The lack of Miiverse or any kind of social feature does suck. Posting stuff to normal social media isn't an adequare replacement, in my opinion.
  • While I think the Switch plays great in handheld mode, the lack of any kind of grip or texture on the back makes it a bit less comfortable to hold than I would like. Thankfully, I have a grip I attach to it in handheld mode that takes care of this.
  • The joycons... feel a bit lose when they clip into my system. Like, without much worse, I could just pull them out.

With that said, I absolutely love the snappiness of the Switch, and how clean its UI is, especially in comparison to laggy, cluttered monsters like the Wii U and PS4.

And the system is, of course, remarkably flexible, which makes it so much more appealing to play on than my other consoles.

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Guys, a little updated information.
Earthlock: Festival of Magic , will be released on Nintendo Switch in USA & Europe region first on 8 March 2018.
Probably E-Shop version first, still no information about Physical release.

Oh, there is One more thing about Switch version. Switch version will get "Massive Changes" compared with previous consoles. The information i got from Nintendoeverything:

Story: It’s massively changed. Almost from the start. We have added more depth, humor and character to the story and things that did not make sense before now do

Crafting: At Plumpet Island, we are happy to report that all buildings on Plumpet now have some kind of functionality

Side Quests: Yes, there are now side quests – as initially intended

Mini Games: Like treasure hunting
New scenes and characters
New and better animation
Improved cut scenes
Highly performance optimised
And much, much more

Important to note: Anyone who owns Earthlock: Festival of Magic will get the new game for free (Steam/GOG/PS4/XboxOne). The game is now in final QA and localization and will be published in Q1 2018.

(This is also the version that we will be launching on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately we won’t be able to publish this version on Wii U.)

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5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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I got Earthlock for free-ish on XB1; it was a “Games with Gold“ game... at launch. Odd business decision, but eh. Never did play it though. Maybe that was for the best...

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As proof of concept it works, but in reality it’s heavy and bulky



@YummyHappyPills Considering Bayonetta did pretty badly in the physical charts, I wonder how well the digital side of sales were for the games.



@FragRed Seemingly really high. Charts need to start putting all digital numbers

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@YummyHappyPills We still don't know how well it did in the US either. Unfortunately, even if the charts did start tracking digital like they do in the US, they still couldn't do it with Nintendo simply because Nintendo don't hand out these figures. Even indies and big third party developers/publishers can't outright state how well their games have done without Nintendo's approval. They are very controlling.



@SLIGEACH_EIRE this thing is horrifying.
Also, portable? Lol

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This week's UK Top 40 charts.

Individual Charts


All Formats FormatsCharts


There's not a lot happening this week. I don't think there was a single new game in the charts, just some reentries from older games, possibly due to sales. MK8D, SMO and BOTW are still charting high. But Bayonetta continues to tumble down, It's touch-and-go whether it'll be there next week, probably not.


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So what do you guys think Next Level Games is working on?

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@IceClimbers Either a new Punch Out, Luigi's Mansion... or a new Metroid Prime Forces

I am kind of torn as to what I want to see from them. I do want a new Luigi's Mansion, but I also wouldn't mind a new Punch Out. Of course, they could be working on bring back a dormant Nintendo IP.



@IceClimbers As much as I know it isn't going to happen, Next Level games did develop Mario Strikers Charged so...


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Luigi's Mansion 3

To provide some perspective, the previous Luigi Mansion game sold as much as MH World has but on a single platform.


Nintendo has some big selling games.

You can bet Luigi's Mansion will make an appearance. Can't say for sure it'll be Next Level Games but, it's coming. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something announced this E3. Along with Retro's shiny new game, which is sure to be a treat.

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