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@Henmii I don't think Metroid Prime comes out this year. It's a 2019 game, if it isn't a 2020 game.



I still think there is a big summer game we don't know about yet. Something for June/July or August. Yoshi will be for one of those months but they'll have something big releasing close to E3. Last year it was ARMS and Splatoon 2.What it will be is anyone's guess but whatever it is, it exists and we don't know about it yet. I highly doubt it will be another Wii U port, those will be spread out over this year and next. We're already getting 2 in the first 6 months, I'd say there will be at most 1 more this year.

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Back in the topic of download speed..... i think there is a problem with switch and the wired adapter. Downloading docked and wired the arms patch dl estimates 24 minutes... But went down to 17. Undocked on wifi it's 5 minutes. And no my lan isn't the issue, ps4 downloads 10 gig in 40 minutes or less on the same switch.

It's as though wired adapter doesn't really work but showed a gig link. Does this mean playing games wired is is actually MORE lag prone than wifi?

Tested again. 1 min remaining wifid. Dock it and go to wired. ..3 min remaining.

Switch lan adapter..... Is bad. This is multiple switches and adapters. All official hori.

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@OorWullie I'd go with two, but probably one will be double booked alongside a new game? Mostly because a The Wonderful 101 port has already been teased, but I do expect to possibly see XCX from Nintendo proper.



@rallydefault I agree that Smash needs to be soon. Nintendo's still using the Wii U branding a lot because the Switch doesn't have a Smash game. Once Smash is on Switch (either a port or a new game), the only things you'll hear Wii U related from Nintendo is the announcement of ports coming to Switch and even then Nintendo will treat them like new games (like they have done for Tropical Freeze).

On another note, my biggest concern about the paid online service is how you pay for it. I'm of course hoping for prepaid cards like XBL/PS+, really don't want some nonsense like the early PS3 and 3DS eras where the only way to buy something was having a debit/credit card attached to your account.

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@Alber-san Yeah I've heard that before and wanted to try it but can't find my can of compressed air. Might have used it all up for all I know.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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I've found that a good can of C02 is almost mandatory for moving electronics.

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@darkfenrir I’m not. Nintendo publishing it means they foot the bill on cartridges. The more Nintendo pony’s up the more square will give them.

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People said Nintendo wint moneyhat games.

With the exception of Bethesda, because the boxes say one thing and websites say another, it seems Nintendo is coughing up dough for a lot of thirdparty support from Square and probably Bandai and Ubisoft too.

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@YummyHappyPills I would like to see Nintendo cough up some of that dough to get some bigger exclusive games aside from JRPGs. But that isn't going to happen aside from Bayonetta.



Nintendo paying 3rd parties seems to be more the "this game won't exist at all otherwise" type than the "paying to prevent the competition from getting this game" approach that Sony uses a lot. Like look at Bayonetta 2, that game wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for Nintendo.


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@Octane Nintendo's coverage of tournaments.


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@Grumblevolcano No, I meant the idea that Sony is specifically paying for a game not to appear on another system. That's silly, and it only fuels the stupid console wars.



@Octane This is not that silly.
When I bought Switch in the morning on launch day I passed in front of a Gamestop (I bought Switch in a different shop but there's a GS along the way) and there was just for that day a REALLY crazy discount on PS4. I don't exactly remember how much it was but I have never seen a discount like it on PS4 after or before.

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@LuckyLand I just checked the price of the PS4 early last year, and it was €279 at its lowest in March, it was actually €275 in February and €249 in May. Whatever that sale was, it was not a worldwide sale. Probably a retail specific sale (in this case Gamestop), and I can't find anything about a PS4 price drop either. And to be fair, the people that are picking up a new console day one, are often the core fans, they're not the kind of people that walk into a store with the idea of buying one console, and walking out with another.

Plus the Switch was pretty much sold out at launch, so even if they dropped the price of the PS4, I doubt it would've had much effect either way



It's not a conspiracy theory. It's an observation and fact very few would actually deny. Both MS and Sony moneyhat the living flip out of games. Be it the full game forever (Street Fighter V), timed exclusives (Crash Bandicoot probably falls in this camp, we'll know if it gets announced for X1 or Switch later), exclusive DLC (Destiny), games with "PS4 exclusive" plastered on the box (Yakuza Kiwami, KoF XIV- which how could they advertise that unless they specifically paid to ensure it's true for a specified time), etc. The ease of porting between PS4 and X1 means practically any game that doesn't come to both... money was quite possibly involved (collab projects like Bloodborne and Cuphead excluded, obviously).

And it's why a lot of people (including myself) have grown to resent them (both Sony and MS) over the years. Thankfully, I am able to draw a line between not liking a particular company and not liking their products. I'm no fan of Sony (not really a fan of MS either, heck I'm not even really a fan of Nintendo the company, but rather their dev teams and games and hardware). Paying to fund new games we wouldn't otherwise have gotten... totally support that. But both these companies have veered off into "paying funds for games already being created to keep it from releasing on one or more rival platforms", be it indefinitely, or for a time. The fact they do it so openly for exclusive content and timed DLC makes me wonder how anyone could truthfully believe they draw the line there out of a sense of moral obligation.

Of course, MS started all this BS in the first place (Titanfall and Rise of the Tomb Raider come to mind, although MS was doing this long before the 8th gen started), and Sony, in truth, likely decided to respond by fighting fire with fire. But now that Pandora's box has been opened there's no shutting it. That all said, it's not a life or death thing. An aggravation, yes. But it is what it is. It's less of a problem when you own multiple consoles.

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9th Impact are bringing Danger Mouse: The Danger Games to Nintendo Switch, it'is a racing game that's currently available on iOS and Android.

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BATTLE real players from all over the world– shrink them with a Shrinkatizer, stun them with a Carrot Rocket, throw Milk Bombs at them or cover the track behind you in Jam – that should put them in a sticky position!

PANIC as you have to complete mini-game challenges as fast as you can during the race.

WIN the race by having the best deck, the best race strategy and the best tactical race performance.

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