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Soo many games its insane!
Never got around to Wasteland so looking forward to that.
Anyone else having issues with the eshop??



@GeeEmm Yeh, me too, won't let me in. I haven't updated to latest firmware yet though so thought that might be why.

Use the 'ignore' button, it works.

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Cheers! Ill check if there is a fw update.

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Eyy, Wasteland! I used to gave Fallout classic on my PC back from when I got a hard drive with some (totally legal) games that some service men had overseas. I never finished it, but I love post-apoc games with a style and rough charm to 'em.

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Sorry if it's the wrong thread, but can someone help!!!

Had my Switch since April, and went to dock it this morning to charge, but rather than just plop into the dock nicely like it's been doing all this time, it slides down fine, but then instead of just falling in place ready to charge or play on the TV, it now requires some force by me to be pushed all the way down to click into the dock

Do I now have an official faulty Switch?

Has anyone else encountered this and what did you do if anything to rectify it?

I have been playing more in docked mode recently, and don't know if I'm now subject to a bent Switch from apparent overheating?!

I think it's always had a tiny curve in, but from what I've seen, so has everyone else's.

Anyone have any knowledge or insight?



Does anyone know what the MK8 Deluxe update yesterday did?


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I'm speechless, ive tried a switch before, but MY GOD it´s a beatiful designed console.

Zelda is... perfect so far, ive played a little bit of Mario, and tried Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I think my first 2 games will be Zelda and Xenoblade

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@GuruOfGreatness It might be your dock. Try taking a blow dryer to it, you should be able to bend it the other way if you heat it enough.

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I have heard from looking around today online that some people have complained that the dock is bent and NOT the Switch console itself.

Must admit I'm in a real first world predicament here lol.

I have contacted Nintendo Customer Services and told them, and I have all the information and details etc on how to send it off to them for repair.

The only thing I'm dubious about is a) is it worth is as it may just happen again in 6 months time, and it's not like the problem disrupts my gameplay (touch wood), other than my OCD ness of liking my things in mint condition, and b) all my games are physical, and I've researched and been told by Nintendo today that there is no way whatsoever to move alllllllllllllllllllllllllll my games and save data etc onto a micro SD card, so IF they happen to lose all my data in the process of fixing it, it's tough luck to me That would really infuriate me.

They even put that warning regarding data in the email they send to you as a sort of disclaimer.

What I find as an insult though is they tell you to transfer all your data to an SD card in case this does indeed happen, which is something that can't be done on the Switch (he did mention it can be done if I bought everything digitally), so I can only assume the email that people like myself receive is a standard template email whereby they just adjust the name of the console you are sending in to them for repair.

Makes sense as to why every time they mention the Switch in the email it's all written in capitals as "your Nintendo SWITCH" lol.

Don't know what to do for the best TBH



I don't know if you've had any experience with Nintendo customer service, but they've been more than awesome for me,

They replaced MK8 for me for free, moved all my bro's digital purchases onto his new 3DS for him, etc. You'd be in good hands.

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@Grumblevolcano From Nintendoeverything

"Nintendo has added in support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Additionally, Nintendo addressed one particular issue. Sometimes music won’t be played after you reach the finish line and the race ends, but this has now been fixed.

Note that when you download the update, you won’t be able to play with others in local play or LAN play who are still on version 1.2.1 or earlier."

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Well, I took the plunge and just posted the Switch and Dock off at 4.30pm

Fingers crossed.

Been gaming since 1990 and never, ever had a faulty console before or had to return one



@GuruOfGreatness That should let you know how rare this kind of thing is.

The fact you have never had to do it before, shows that all the stories of those failure rates, yellow lights of death etc. etc. (With the exception of the RRoD which was...everywhere) are few and far between, just very, very loud.

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I've had more then my share of send backs for repairs. Don't even get me started on the original PlayStation. Sent a 3ds in almost twice now, a ds only to get the hinge to crack less then a month later again. I say he's very fortunate tbh.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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I never had the RROD either 😂 And I only had the arcade 360 all those years lol.

Fingers crossed, hope and pray (quite literally) that whatever the issue is that they sort it and I don't lose any save data



@GuruOfGreatness I had my faulty console moment with my XBox360. Touch wood it's my last bit of misfortune with hardware. (It wasn't the ring of death, my tray wouldn't open / close.)

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Ugh the 360...hard to believe that Microsoft makes the surface book 2 and that train wreck of a console... (I've gone through 7. If I didn't HATE sony's controllers I would have thrown the thing away and re purchased my gaming collection.)

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I never had hardware issues with my 360 consoles. My problems were storage related (having to get a new console just so I can play more games). 60GB for the 360 was as bad as 32GB was/is for Wii U/Switch but at least external hard drives were a solution for the Wii U and microSD cards are a solution for Switch.

Anyway back on the Nintendo front, it seems the next Rocket League patch will improve the game's resolution on Switch.

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