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Yeah honestly at this point, the only improvement we are going to get is that third parties are actually considering some games, and giving us the B-C tier stuff, with the occasional A game much later than everywhere else.

If things continue to go well, we will get ALL the B-C stuff on Switch 2, along with considerations and more attempts at the A stuff. Then on Switch 3, again assuming nothing goes wrong, we should start getting the A games consistently.

It'll be a console or two before we get the games even the 3DS got honestly.

The industry has become so stacked against us that it basically is an uphill battle. No matter how well the system sells, no matter what games we buy, it'll take years before they realise, but by'll be our kids playing the games we would have licked to play on the systems....but the issue is our kids will likely be into something else entirely and not want those games.

So they'll give us the games we want about 10 years...

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I get that people are upset that we're not getting all the multiplats that the Switch can obvious handle but...I really don't think the third party situation is that bad. At the very least, it's looking to be the best it's been since the Gamecube.

YummyHappyPills wrote:

It'll be a console or two before we get the games even the 3DS got honestly.

Really? What did the 3DS get in its first year that is better than the Switch's first year?

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@Buizel I'm referring to stuff like the JRPGs, the remakes, the collections, the solid platformers, it's going to be a while, because yet to jump over and just announced another 3DS game for Etrian. DQ alleged thing.

But all those quirky little mid tier 3DS games, sure they get successors like Octopath to Bravely, those likely aren't going to be a thing least a few years. It's either the big games watered down understandably, or the little games and re-releases.

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Oh for the love of God, chill out. These things take time. Marketing has a timeline they have to abide to - there's a time and a place for every announcement. Just because one thing was announced now doesn't mean that there aren't more announcements coming; it just means they're coming at a later date.

Games that were greenlit now and over the past few months won't come out until late 2018 at the earliest, the majority of it in 2019, and most likely won't be announced until spring 2018 at the earliest (more likely during summer, and the later ones in fall).

And we know damn well Nintendo's been working closely with third parties to plan out/control when things get announced.

@YummyHappyPills You know what? There's tempering expectations, there's even pessimism, but this is just straight out blind cynicism. There's no reason for it either. To be completely honest, it's getting more annoying than Slig's constant complaining.

Look, I get it, the Wii U era sucked. But now? There's no reason to continue with this constant victim/persecution complex.

Switch is doing incredibly well right now, and will continue to do so, but most of these companies didn't expect that to happen. Game development, and subsequently the marketing cycles for said games, take a while. Said announcements will come when they come.

Games like Code Vein, or that One Piece game, or Soul Calibur VI, etc? Those were greenlit 1-3+ years ago. Potential Switch ports weren't factored in to the development and marketing cycles for those games, and so if they come they'll be later on and on separate marketing cycles. You're going to have to wait. Period.

Until then, you have all these flavors, and you chose to be salty.

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I feel like Pac-man championship edition could be fun at a reasonable price. $30 would be stretching it, but I think $20-$25 could be a good price.


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I'll wait for the Direct, since rumors are that, only rumors that can be true or false. The Soul Calibur VI rumors was true in the sense the game did exist, but was absolutely wrong in the rest.

Personally, I won't deny I would love multiplat ports, but if they don't come, I'm happy with the middle tier support. It's more than we got with the Wii U and games like Project Octopath are those that can be the bread and butter between big releases.

I have a chronic lack of time, for everything.

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@IceClimbers I am well aware of how long it takes to make something, but third parties were made aware of Switch over a year ago. As far back as June 2016 for some companies as we now know. They would have known what the system could do by late 2016, so anything made to go in that time should be out this year or next.

Sure the bigger games can miss out. I have no problem with waiting (Unless it goes the way of which point....yep) BUT my issue stems not from "The games aren't coming" to instead "They said one thing, do another".

Like yes, Square said lots of mid range titles would come. We already have stuff like Builders and Octopath coming. Great. What future titles could come? We will see.

But you get a company like BandaiNamco, who say, take the bait and let us know and then do what with it? Try the same thing again and again. At what point do we say enough is enough with that? We shouldn't need to bark when they say in the hopes we get a game, which right now looks unlikely.

Take Capcom, directly involved with the development of the system, said put more RAM in it, we have these stories confirmed by both Nintendo and Capcom and developer conferences in Japan. What do they do? Port the MT Framework, give us a game they won't localise until at least late 2018, and some welcome late ports (USF2 is now in a tricky situation given the Collection) and Mega Man 11. Oh and some Resident Evil in suspiciously close proximity to the other console releases for something that wasn't planned.

Okami though? If Capcom has been involved in the system since the start and they are okay with it being a budget release, it can't have been that costly. Why not port that, you knew the system was coming.

Other companies have had many instances of porting things that weren't going to be quick, like DBXenoverse 2, not made during the Switch cycle, still came. L.A Noire, miraculously. Wolfenstein 2, been in development for ages, it's coming. DOOM, it came. There have been third parties releasing games that yes, began development before they knew about Switch.

What annoys me isn't that these games aren't coming, it's the damn inconsistency. Like sure, if you're gonna dangle a carrot on a stick like Bandai did repeatedly then please, honour it. If you were Capcom, cheaply porting Okami, and knew about the system and how well it sold on Wii, wouldn't you port that? Wouldn't you localise XX?

That's the issue. The waiting? That's fine, so long as the end result is at least decent and not a fire like WWE. The expecting us to jump when they say jump, and the straight up lying about not porting something? That's the problem.

Sure, you wouldn't have had time if you were Bandai on something like Code Vein or SC6, but apparently Bethesda did. Square did. Koei Tecmo did. Ubisoft did. They had the time.

But it didn't factor into it. I mean I'm impressed that Mario + Rabbids started in 2014-2015 and ended up on Switch, if they didn't factor that in.

If, god forbid anyway, in say 2 years they keep saying, we didn't factor it in because we didn't know about it when we started development, what will you say then? They were making a game for almost 5 years and at no point factored in the system?

See, I'm personally fine with the games not coming. I'm not fine with the bark when we say, keep prodding the waters to test it, and the cases where there is absolutely NO reason something like Okami shouldn't be here.

It's the inconsistency, the PR saying one thing, the developers and actions of the companies saying another. If they were clear, if they weren't so wishy washy and started making promises and acting in ways that go counter to the information we know is true because they themselves said it (Capcom!), because that is knocking consumer trust. You guys had a hand in making the system, you knew it was coming, why are you unprepared? You didn't think it would sell? Okay, fine. That checks out, but that didn't stop the handful of games you put out anyway.

Why put out only some low risk ports? Why go counter to everything they said pre-launch? It's actually baffling to me. Again, the games can come or they cant, I just want more transparency here, because people are seeing where the stories don't add up. In some cases, like SC6, they do. In others, there are obvious huge gaps or holes in what they say, or alleged support.

Seriously, the hell is FromSoftware doing at this point, or is that canned?

I will end by saying this: Where Bamco, Capcom, EA etc. opened a box by saying flip-floppy things repeatedly and getting us to their beck and call asking for sales, Activision did one thing right: They have said NOTHING.

In this case, that nothing is far more comforting than being yanked around by the chain.

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I'm giving the publishers the benefit of the doubt in some instances like SC6 due to the development time and because they probably want to finish the other versions.

At the same time, as @YummyHappyPills is talking about, these same publishers need to stop with the "promises" and all the talk. I'm gonna laugh if these Japanese publishers are still acting hesitant when the Switch outsells the PS4 in Japan and the Vita worldwide next year.

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I do agree that the publishers can often be hypocrites about this and there's reason to be concerned to some degree, but tbh

1. At least 80% of good games coming out in the past year do not actually require more than what the Switch is capable of. They just don't.
2. There's no point in making predictions based on what's announced now, since "announce major title a couple of months before release" is slowly becoming the new norm.

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With February's lineup more than likely known at this point outside of indies, I've been thinking again about when the paid online subscription would go live. April comes to mind if Kirby is a March game.


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The Conduit 1 & 2 for the Switch pls

that would be a killer game IMO

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German Switch eShop Charts

01. Rocket League (-25%)
02. Stardew Valley
03. Human Fall Flat (New)
04. Yooka-Laylee (New)
05. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
06. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (-33%)
07. Minecraft - Nintendo Switch Edition
08. SteamWorld Dig 2 (-25%)
09. Nine Parchments
10. Super Mario Odyssey
11. Overcooked! - Special Edition (-20%)
12. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
13. Resident Evil Revelations
14. Worms W.M.D
15. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I don't think we'll ever see Super Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dropping from the Top 15. And probably Mario+Rabbids too.

Also, after the release of Mario+Rabbids Ubisoft was able to buy back shares from Vivendi who tried another takeover earlier this year. Coincidene? Or did Nintendo have a role in saving Ubisoft?


Switch has plenty of great games. My beef isn't lack of great games. But it's aggravating when companies are announcing new games for Switch, but they're mostly retro compilations or niche anime fighters or low budget digital titles.

Switch is such a great concept- I want as many games on the system as possible. It's too good not to. It's especially frustrating seeing platforms like Xbox One and Vita be given priority over Switch. Xbox One because they value install base despite the fact the games don't sell, and Vita because it has neither the install base nor offers significant sales. Meanwhile Switch is matching PS4's first year for install base and games are selling.

I think the situation will look far different by this time next year though. There is merit to the argument that developers were caught off guard and it will take time before we see the games rolling in.

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So, it's been a while since the Switch was released. I want to reflect on the past months and see where the system's at.

At the beginning there were hardware issues with Joy-Cons losing connection and screens easily scratching. I don't hear much about that anymore. I do have the left Joy-Con issue, though. Sometimes when it was idle, it will take one second to recognize a command. This only happens in BOTW for me.

I did not get the Pro Controller and I don't plan to do so. I think the included controller adapter works fine and is comfortable. 80% of the time I play in portable mode, though (usually at home in my comfy chair or in bed just before going to sleep). Battery has never been an issue. I never managed to drain it in one go. Yesterday I bought Amazon's own controller grips for local multiplayer and they work amazingly well. I wish these would have been available when Mario Kart was released.
I absolutely love the Switch for the standby. I would never been able to spend so much time with Zelda if I had to boot up the system, turn on the TV, hit the power on the speaker amplifier, setting the source on the DAC, getting ready on the couch and waiting for the game to load every time I wanted to play. Impossible! That's 5 minutes wasted and I often only play 5-10 minutes. That's the reason I didn't buy the PS4 - even the PS3 annoyed me to death with system updates every time I wanted to play a game. Thank you, Nintendo!

I've never been a Zelda fan but BOTW got me hooked. I am still playing the DLC and after that I have something like 80 more Koroks to find (only to unlock all slots) before facing Ganon for the first time.
Mario Odyssey was a lot of fun. I almost wish it never ended! Some moons were too easy to collect but the true game only starts after the credits roll. I did prefer the more gameplay-focused Galaxy levels on Wii, but running and jumping around in Odyssey felt even better.

That's the only main titles for me so far. I skipped Arms and Splatoon. I don't like online games that much. I also have Mario Kart but it's for local multiplayer only.
I grabbed Sonic Mania from the Russian store for 9.99 €, but I hardly played it. I'm not a Sonic fan. I rather collect every single coin instead of dashing through a level.
Overcooked was a surprise hit. My girlfriend loves it! I just got it recently from the sale and we've been shouting at each other ever since.
I always wanted to play Shovel Knight and I finally did so on the Switch.
I shouldn't have bought FIFA 18. At least not at full price. Previews were promising and EA boasted how good the Switch version would be. I guess you really have to be an idiot if you still trust EA in 2017...

My profile says I played BOTW for 135 hours, Mario for 45, Mario Kart for 35, Shovel Knight for 15, FIFA for 5 and Sonic for 4. That's 50min a day since I got the Switch and ultimately far more than I expected I would play. I enjoyed almost all of it!

Back in March I requested 4 ports for the Switch: Doom 2016, Dragon Quest Builders, Okami HD and Super Mario 3D Worlds. I am really surprised that Doom and DQB became true! I haven't bought Doom yet because I am expecting the price to drop soon and I will get it as soon as it's down to 40 €. Unless they charge full price for DQB, I will buy that on day one. But I am really surprised that meanwhile Sony and Microsoft got another Okami remaster but they forgot about Nintendo. The game is a masterpiece and it was perfect on Wii - why not port it for the Switch? I was also expecting many Wii U ports but that didn't happen yet (Mario 3D Worlds, Mario Maker, Donkey Kong, Captain Toad, ...). Apparently it's difficult to compensate for the second screen.

Meanwhile, I am getting really nervous about the Virtual Console. When Nintendo said it won't be available at launch, I was expecting a small delay of 1-3 months. Seriously, I wouldn't have bought the Switch if I had known. (I didn't expect to enjoy Zelda that much.) But until now we still have zero information. This could turn out to become a disaster. I fear Nintendo will drop a monthly fee on us, combined with online play. I would be very bummed out. I only want a few games and I gladly pay 10 € for each.
On the other hand, I am almost certain we will get Gamecube and Wii emulation, which is nice.

All in all, I don't regret buying the Switch. I paid 330 € for the system, another 15 € for a case, 10 € for the joy-con grips and I ordered another set of Joy-Cons for Christmas multiplayer (75 €). The hardware isn't cheap but I expect to enjoy the Switch for several years. Worth it! I just really want to play old SNES games on VC very soon...

Gameplay matters.


@Switchcraft Keep in mind they're probably using Wii U ports to fill in gaps in the release schedule, so we'll likely be seeing them trickle in over the next two years, rather than dumping them all at once.



Decided to take look at Finnish eShop charts. Pretty much the same as other countries.

1. Rocket League
2. Overcooked! Special Edition
3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
5. Super Mario Odyssey
6. Stardew Valley
7. SteamWorld Dig 2
8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
9. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
10. Human Fall Flat
11. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
12. Nine Parchments
13. Skyrim
14. Yooka-Laylee
15. Splatoon 2

Also downloaded Crawl while listing them. Can't wait to play it with my family.

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The Pic-A-Pix Deluxe Christmas Demo is available on the eShop now.
Full game will be released on 4th January 2018.


@Grumblevolcano I think April will be Octopath Traveler.

My guess is that the paid online will launch on March 3rd. It just won't launch alongside some big online game like everyone is assuming

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Sony officially has 50.2% of the UK retail software market now. In the UK 25% market control is when a "monopoly power" is established and over 50% is straight up market control.

My issue is that our pretty much ONE game retailer here has to sell games to survive. If Sony says undercut the competition, or stock more of our stuff....they won't have a choice else they lose over half the industry, as without doing as Sony says, they risk losing over 50% of the market in sales, effectively killing their already struggling business.

Let's put it this way, if Microsoft wanted to drop the price of the One S, Sony could drop it lower and force more stock awareness. Which is actually what they did for the Switch launch too.

If Microsoft falls below 25% however, that's it, as no one competing company will be over 25% share and Sony will have complete control.

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