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@OorWullie TV arrived and man it’s amazing. Tried 4k HDR content which looked mind blowing, but also on Switch the picture quality has improved because of the upscaler. The best thing though for gaming is a setting called motion flow, during fast motion there’s no blur or flickering. Wasn’t really expecting this TV to improve picture quality on the Switch, but it has, so that’s great😁

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Motion smoothing tech tends to add latency. I tried it when I got Zelda but then I noticed a lot of lag that wasn't there before. I've found it's best to leave those settings for movies and TV shows- when playing games there should be a game mode that minimizes latency and post processing effects. I had even found an option that made the graphics noticeably better but it was weird- it caused this strange ghosting effect so I turned it off.

But yeah, 4KTVs do a great job upscaling games and I know my Switch games look great. The HDR has been hit and miss though. For some games it looked a lot better and for other games it looked a lot worse. I have concluded that HDR isn't really meant for games- it's better for movies and TV. Games are already designed to look how they should look and artificially changing it can make them better or worse, but there's no guarantee. All my photos in Final Fantasy 15 that Promto took were blown out with too much light. That's when I decided to go ahead and leave my PSVR hooked up (which has no HDR pass through). I felt it was just better to not use it. I hear some of the higher-quality TVs do a much better job though.

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@Hughesy Superb man, happy for you.It really does make. a huge difference to your gaming experience.Now I'm wanting to get one myself haha, my 32 inch Samsung which I was fairly content with just won't be the same anymore .Because of my circumstances though it wouldn't be the wisest move for me to spend that kind of money on one. If I knew I was going to come back and live in the UK permanently I'd get one for sure but I may need to move to a different country sometime next year and I'd have no choice but to leave my TV behind.It happened to me with an expensive 6 month old TV a few years ago,had to just leave it behind among many other valuable stuff so I won't be doing that again.

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@JaxonH Not had any lag from enabling it on my Sony TV, even playing Forza 7 on PC. I don’t have it on for normal TV shows as it introduces a soap opera effect, but for sport it’s great. Obviously no HDR on Switch, but using it in Forza 7 and Destiny 2 it looks amazing, really depends on your settings and the TV itself.

@OorWullie Haha sorry for making you want one. Definitely not cheap to get a nice one, I paid £600 for mine from Amazon, as it was reduced from £1000, the most I’ve spent before this was £300. But yea if you’re not sure where you’re going to be living, splashing out wouldn’t be a smart idea.

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@Hughesy Where I notice the most lag (and this goes for any t.v.) is playing pinball. You have to 100% turn game mode on for it or it just doesn't run right. Keep that in mind if you're thinking your button presses aren't registering quite fast enough. A split second can make a difference.

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If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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I haven't been able to access the eShop all day. I've tried putting the system in sleep mode, restarting it, turning it off (for about 12 seconds), and even placing it right on top of my router, but nothing works...


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@RR529 The US eShop? ..I just checked and was able to access it fine :/

What does it say in your Switch's internet settings? ..does it appear connected to the correct network, or are there no available networks?

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I somehow missed Kid Tripp's 3DS release altogether so I bought it today for Switch. I remember trying out pixelman's work in progress demo years ago that he linked here. (At least I think it was for this game, can't find it anymore.) I didn't remember much of the game. I knew it was a platformer but I'd forgotten it was an auto-runner. I finished the first world and played couple of stages from world 2. Got all the coins in half of the stages and even finished one stage in world 2 with all coins without dying once. I think I died more times in the first stage than in all other stages together because I was trying to collect everything on my first try and it took some time to get used to the controls and game mechanics.

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Bought Shinobi refle Senran Kagura. Too tired to play today, gonna start tomorrow. Biggest download on my system so far (bit over 6 GB) will be awsome thou.


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@tobibra Do you read Japanese? I'm wondering how import-friendly it is for people not fluent in the language.

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@Ralizah Nope, Ion't think its import friendly, and I can't read Japanese. I guess I could read a tiny bit if it were written in our alphabet, but in Japanese letters, not at all. I'm just a guy who sometimes buys games I can't read (even Visual novels...)
Plus I think Asuka is 'best girl' so I will be happy either way. Will use google translate to help me figure out the controls for the massage parts.

The game also has three DLC packs.
Yumi, and two other packs dunno what is yet, just saw them on eshop when I bought the game.

@Joeynator3000 Dunno about this game yet, but my guess is you probally just play as a regular classmate of Asuka when she is off ninja duties.
Dekamori was mostely (if not only) jokes. Shinobi Versus was decent, Estival versus was in my opinion bad storywise. Felt just as something like a buildup (to 7even perhaps)
Not played PBS.

Wonder when the pinball game gets released.


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Read Japanese for Senran Kagura.

That's a good one.

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@Caldorosso-E He plays it for the articles clearly

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@NaviAndMii, just got back from the Thanksgiving festivities, and my Switch isn't having any issues now, so I don't know what that was about...

Anyhow, I just ordered Super Mario Odyssey (my first retail purchase) on Amazon! Should get it on Saturday, and I can't wait!


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