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@rallydefault I completely disagree even though I'm looking at the same facts. You're right about the big franchise names, objectively. Nostalgia glasses make people colourblind though.

I've been at it since the nes. I've played the first pikmin. Luigi's mansion. Kirby. Banjo. Up to splatoon, which is a new one from last gen. No more Heroes. Little king's story, or anything. I remember jet force gemini, I remember the first donkey kong. Beyond nintendo you can go from command and conquer to horizon, to that car-footbal thing, to flower, anything, there's just so much goodness.

I've literally never seen so much creativity happening anywhere as in gaming. Yes you'll get prompted to buy some movie-ish thing, but the amount of goodness we have - boy oh boy

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@Ryu_Niiyama Amazon really hates you, I think. What did you do to Jeff?

Then again, my Sonic Mania CE STILL hasn't shipped " Expected for delivery by 8:00PM today....."shipping soon"....riiiight.... Might end up buying (another) digital anyway. Because Sanic is worth paying $80-100 for, right?

As for Sanwa buttons....I probably don't need to go the mod route, I'm not competitive tier. I can't even win on SF D-rank (though for some reason matchmaking is so bad I keep getting matched with B-rank...) I probably have a 15-20% win rate I think I remember the feel of Sanwas. Honestly these would probably feel better if they were glossy enameled rather than matte ABS. The "mush" doesn't feel "mushy" when you're slamming buttons and clacking away frantically (and they're ultra-sensitive), but the finger-feel is what makes them not feel "premium." The actual buttons are probably fine. Looks slightly annoying to get into I'd bet.

Still tempted to try using it for Pokken just because sticks are fun Even if the real cabs use those weird controllers.



@FragRed @Octane Gravity Rush seems to be one of those love it or hate it things. I absolutely love it. Well I played the vita one, haven't opened the ps4 sequel yet. But I LOVED that game. It almost justified the Vita purchase. Almost. P4G really gets the credit for that. But other people I'd have thought would love it were disoriented and hated it. I guess my years of Wing Commander, X-Wing, Frespace, Descent, and Independence War paid off

@rallydefault I think new genres will emerge, too much development gets stuck in the rut of trying to better things they themselves liked. Think of how many indies are "inspired by game x". There's plenty of creative games and especially creative indies, but for every one Thumper there's 30 "inspired by Zelda, inspired by Mega Man" etc. etc. where a dev just wants to recreate other things they like in their own way.

But in terms of innovation, if we're looking at what's stagnant, look at cinema. The same hero stories, told the same ways with the same character tropes since the 1920s. Half of the films ARE the same characters. There's not too much innovation going on there except your handful of "high-brow arthouse made for an Oscar" films. There's exotic stuff in the indie film world of course, but that's so niche, much more so than indie games. And most of it is subtitled.



Hrm... you mention Horizon, though? As in, Horizon Zero Dawn? Or am I reading this incorrectly? That game is not innovative... it's just another open world game with its own spins on enemies and mechanics.

I agree with you on some of those other games. Splatoon was definitely innovative, I agree. But you notice I cited "Splatoon 2" in my post, not the original (post was exhibiting the presence of sequels). And I assume you're talking about Rocket League... I don't know, it's a stretch. That has definitely been done before, just not with cars. You could argue it's just going back to the premise that Pong created. Some of its trappings are creative, sure, but it's nowhere near a new concept.

The more I read your post, the more I think you're just missing my point. I'm talking about gaming right now. 2017 and 2016. The games you're mentioning as counter to my argument that innovation is stagnating came out decade(s) ago like Little King's Story is originally from back in 2009... I don't see how that game's creativity has anything to do with my argument dealing with 2016-2017 new games. And No More Heroes goes back to 2007... ?? So I mean... you're actually proving my point, which was that sort of innovation that we had awhile back is no longer around aside from a few standouts. Do you see what I'm saying?

I just completely disagree that gaming "never seen so much creativity happening." Just totally disagree with you on that, sorry. (Also coming at things from an old geezer's perspective: pre-NES, actually. God dang I wish I wasn't so old lol)

Do you think we're going to see a sequel to ARMS? I don't think putting ARMS next to Splatoon is ironic at all. Can you honestly say that ARMS received a comparable reception to Splatoon, especially in Japan? You can't - you'd be lying.

I agree: mainstream cinema is insanely stagnant right now. If it ain't a superhero movie or a live-action Disney remake of an old cartoon, it's busted. (Simplifying, of course)

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@rallydefault I don't expect The Last Guardian to get a sequel, but it's just another entry in the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus world, and I do expect a ''sequel'', I think he and his team are already working on a new game.

I get what you're saying though. As much as publishers and developers want their sequel to be a new game, it's still a sequel. I don't mind it though. More of something I enjoyed is always a good thing. Especially if we don't get new games in a franchise too often, like Pikmin. I'm all for a sequel at this point.

I don't think it's the sequels that are the issue. People are reluctant to try out new stuff, that's true in general. And publishers don't want to waste too much advertising on a game that may not appeal to the mass market in the first place. So unless a game becomes a success without a lot of marketing, you can pretty much forget about a sequel. This is not to say that new IPs can't succeed. Look at Splatoon, or Overwatch. It still happens, but it's probably easier for a publisher to rely on the games that are guaranteed to sell.

As for any new potential genres. I don't think so. We have 2D and 3D, first person, third person, top down, action games, narrative-driven games, shooters, platformers, strategy games..., etc. What else is there left to discover?

@MsJubilee The Last Guardian passed a million too. ReCore is the one that flopped sales-wise.



Yeah I think the western AAA scene is increasingly uninteresting, especially as more and more of it goes the GaaS route.

I want the more unique stuff for the most part (and Nintendo's stuff). Games like Yakuza 0, Nier Automata, and Hellblade are far more interesting to me than the newest CoD.

I think the only western AAA game I'm looking forward to this year is South Park. Maybe Battlefront II, haven't really decided.

As far as Xbox goes, they miss out on a lot of that variety, and they don't have anything like Nintendo's IPs to make up for it. The console just isn't appealing in any way.

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@NEStalgia I'm not sure because I know I give Jeff like 10grand a year in purchases. At first I thought it was the fact that I only have a PO Box (I like living in a little town except the mailbox thing and internet) but my stuff doesn't even ship on time. So I don't know. Sonic hasn't shipped for me either. I swear if I didn't want the statue I would have just bought it on the eshop since it is digital anyway. But I'm not willing to get a f4f sonic statue (still paying on my okami statue...still don't know where I'm going to put it) so this is all I'm getting. I'm just a sanwa baby so that more than anything is why I mod. I'm (mostly) not THAT sensitive to buttons although I did a HAPP mod to my 15th Anniversary SF stick.

Edit: What did you do? My HRAP just shipped.

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@rallydefault It's true. ARMS's launch wasn't as good as Splatoon's. Thing is, people are so darn focused on that fact, they forget that selling over a million copies in a month does not constitute failure. Provided ARMS sustains a viable playerbase, it will receive a sequel for Nintendo's next system, as is the way for online games.

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@Octane I'd argue that there are loads of innovative new games/IPs, but the best place to look for them is on Steam and mobile. As someone who doesn't play PC games, I actually quite like that the Switch is becoming something of a "best of Steam" playground.

Less bothered about the mobile stuff, as I can play that anyway, but there isn't that much of it on Switch really. We're not really seeing the out-there stuff anyway: Implosion (and to a lesser extent Oceanhorn) is an outstanding mobile game, but merely a very decent Switch game. Cat Quest will probably also similarly fall between two stools.

I feel that if an indie title is innovative and successful enough, the AAA guys will seek to capitalise on that somehow. Although, I admit, I can't think of any examples.

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@IceClimbers X1 provides a much nicer PLATFORM in terms of hardware , OS, and user control than Sony's trashy OSes and clunky hardware ever does. The problem is the ecosystem isn't there. It's become a machine to play the same group of third party games, and especially GaaS games, which ties nicely with Microsoft's corporate strategy. For me, Splatoon is as "service" as I'm willing to go. "Service" games haven't appealed to me since Everquest hit it big, and any "service" game, will be immediately ignored by me no matter how "cool" it looks at first.

@rallydefault It really all comes down to what @octane said and the "PC graphics!!1" industry. Budgets are way too high to allow ANY risk at all. So only a sure fire hit can be made. And only retreads can be sure fire hits. You'll virtually never see a big budget experimental game. So all the experimentation comes from low budget indies, usually with 8-bit graphics

@Ryu_Niiyama LOL, sometimes I think that Amazon actually bases all its decision making on me alone. Anything I buy goes on a sale right AFTER I buy it I think Jeff just keeps my account stats in a browser tab all day and directs the company around what I'm browsing. I do wonder if PO box stuff gets a special "delay" in the system since it has to use USPS.

Maybe Sonic will ship...maybe I'll double dip. I want that darned genesis statue though. It's pathetic. But I simply need it. Still annoyed there's no cart though.

When I evaluate the buttons carefully they seem "meh"...I think it's the button caps really. But when I play I don't even notice them. (apart from the noise, noise, noise!)



@rallydefault your time table is a good point.

I'm willing to argue that the density of new creative outings seems higher in history and scarcer in present day. That's because you live it now, and remember totality and not the passing of time.

The idea that today had less creative games is just a moment in time; great games are created in a matter of years, not months.

So it seems unfair to me to judge what's hot now by the trend. I'm just naming these names because, at some point, they were new. That's why we get the next installment in the first place.

So today, I'm impressed with mr shifty and arms for instance. Horizon is more than the sum of its parts, but let's skip that for now. How about, for instance, rocket league? Point is, there are great new games available regardless of the time we're in.

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So if you guys want some confusing anecdotes:

Turns out the Megaman Legacy Collection 2 has code referencing the 3DS.


Thanks Capcom

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@Octane @NEStalgia
I agree, yes. The budgets have become so bloated that risk is, well, an unnecessary risk lol And it can be nice to purchase and cozy up with a game that you know you're going to like. As much as I rag on the Uncharted series, whenever I would purchase one of the games, I knew what I was getting, and I knew I would enjoy it for its strong points. I'm even half-tempted to try the new Assassin's Creed game this fall, because I used to be a huge fan of the series, and I know I like the basic gameplay. So yea, I totally see the allure, and I'm not immune to it.

But it's not that ARMS sold a million copies. It's that ARMS doesn't seem to be continuing to sell well. That's the real nail in the coffin. I think Nintendolife even ran an article on how it doesn't seem to be holding up well. So yea, it's great that it sold a million+ initially, but if it just plummets off a cliff, I say it has no similarity to Splatoon's success.

I am a PC gamer, so I can say: I think Steam and its outreach programs are horrible for gaming. Yea, it sounds good on paper. It sounds like a heaven for indie devs to just get all their great ideas out there.

But the reality is that Steam is becoming a bona fide dumpster fire. It's full of absolute garbage, and many times what these devs are charging for essentially the quality of browser games is insane. It's just becoming flooded with drivel. This is part of the reason why Steam Greenlight was shut down, a combination of garbage quality mixed with outrageous and unregulated pricing. Just too much. It's kind of like the Kickstarter system. Yea, there are some success stories like Yooka-Laylee and Pillars of Eternity, but there are far more failures and instances of people losing money and having to jump through hoops to get it back. Devs releasing Kickstarted stuff that falls far below quality standards or simply isn't finished just to get it out there.

There are some great games right now, I agree. And yes, perhaps in 10 years the industry will look back and deem something like Rocket League truly innovative. I totally agree with the fact that retrospect can put things in perspective. And that's because, in the future, we'll be able to filter out all the crud that we're currently be deluged with.

But I still have to say, it's tough to find the great, original games. Like, even a game like Overwatch. I LOVE Overwatch. But I played lots of Team Fortress back in the day, and I can recognize that Overwatch is a complete Team Fortress clone with a Blizzard touch.

I just don't know if I'll ever get that truly WOW sensation again of playing a game that is the first of its kind, because I think we may have exhausted all the "kinds" of games we can have.

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@NEStalgia Agreed. I can take GaaS in small doses (love Overwatch), but it's a turn off for a lot of games. The upcoming Middle Earth Shadow of War being a major example.

@rallydefault It is noteworthy that ARMS has fallen out of the best sellers chart on the US eShop

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I'd be surprised if ARMS doesn't get a follow-up or sequel eventually. It sold very well for what it was, and personally I'm glad it didn't follow the same model as og Splat. As much as I enjoyed seeing the new content, with me having Splat2 I don't think I would enjoy the approach they took with Splat and possibly Splat2.

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Arms will hit at least 2 mil before things are done and over with. I know people getting Switches and they're all interested in Arms, but they couldn't buy Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon and Arms all day one.

As long as updates keep coming for it people will keep talking about it when they go back to play it. I love that game- best new IP in a decade (Splatoon aside, obviously).

Oh btw, Splatoon 2 Switch is up for preorder at Walmart

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@rallydefault - For every ARMS in our industry, there is always a Mario Party that funded it.



That is a good point. It's the reality of what we're dealing with. That's what I'm bemoaning. It's just not like the early days where basically everything was an experiment. But that's nobody's fault, really, and it's only logical that we're in a place like this after a few decades of uncountable games.



That's generally how things work.

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